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PSA: Be careful of weird SSD listings online, they could be SD cards inside an enclosure

A cybersecurity researcher found listings for a 30TB SSD online for $20-30. Knowing it was too good to be true and must be a scam, they bought the product and cracked it open to find an SD scam inside.

Backblaze reveals hard drive models with lowest failure rates in 2020

Cloud backup company Backblaze has published its annual hard drive data report, which reveals which models of its more than 165K drives had the lowest failure rates.

Western Digital debuts new G-Drive and G-Speed professional grade SSDs

Western Digital has just revealed the newest generation G-Technology G-DRIVE Pro and G-SPEED Shuttle SSDs, an incredibly fast lineup of solid state drives that are built to work with 4K and 8K RAW video.

LaCie unveils DJI Copilot 2TB portable hard drive with built-in display

LaCie's new DJI Copilot hard drive was purpose built for drone photographers and videographers who want to back up and even review their full resolution photos and video on-the-go.

Toshiba unveils world's first 14TB conventional magnetic hard drive

Toshiba just fired the latest salvo in the ultra-high capacity hard drive war. Meet the nine-disk, helium sealed, 3.5-inch 14TB MG07ACA, the world's largest Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) Hard Drive (HDD).

AI-powered Pholio hard drive is an offline alternative to Google Photos

Once connected to a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, Pholio automatically searches through the device storage and backs up all images and videos—complete with auto-tagging and intelligent search capabilities.