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DPReview TV: Travel tripod shootout!

A good tripod can be an essential tool for the traveling photographer. This week Chris and Jordan review four great travel tripods from Manfrotto, Sirui, Gitzo and Peak Design that get the job done while still leaving room in your bag for your other gear.

2015 Superzoom Camera Roundup

While the megapixel race has slowly come to a halt, there's a different kind of battle going on, and that's over zoom power. Ten years ago superzooms commonly had 10X and 12X lenses, and in 2015 the average is around 50X. We took a closer look at five current models to see which long zoom camera ranks supreme. Read more

Tough Decision? We round up the best rugged cameras of 2013

Over the past few weeks we've been reviewing this year's collection of weatherproof tough cameras, and in this article we're rounding them up, comparing their relative strengths and weaknesses and taking a more detailed look at how their image quality and feature sets stack up. Even if you've read the full reviews, we recommend clicking through and reading our final, definitive roundup of this year's class of waterproof rugged compacts. Click through for a link. 

2013 Waterproof Camera Roundup
One of the fastest growing segments in the digital camera market is compact, rugged cameras. Five years ago you had just two manufacturers selling waterproof cameras (Olympus and Pentax). In 2013, every major manufacturer is now producing at least one waterproof/rugged model.
Roundup: Enthusiast Zoom Compact Cameras

The holiday season is upon us once again and with all the sales and special deals around at the moment, this is a great time to start thinking about getting a new camera. In this article, we'll be looking at the current field of enthusiast zoom compact cameras to help you make your buying decision.

Just Posted: Olympus PEN E-PL5 and E-PM2 preview, with E-PL5 samples

Just Posted: Our hands-on preview of the Olympus PEN E-PL5 and PEN E-PM2. The two baby PENs, the Lite and Mini have done a good job of offering some of the least exensive mirrorless cameras on the market but have, until now, relied on an ageing 12MP sensor. Now the OM-D's 16MP sensor makes its way into both the latest PEN Lite (the E-PL5) and the PEN Mini (the E-PM2). They also gain touch screens and a series of other updates. Read our preview to find out more, which includes a small gallery of real-world samples from the E-PL5.

Olympus PEN E-PL5 and PEN E-PM2 Hands-on Preview
Olympus was one of the instigators of the mirrorless uprising, having formulated the Micro Four Thirds standard with Panasonic. At first it looked like Olympus might be overshadowed by Panasonic's technical prowess but a combination of its class-leading JPEG processing and pretty heritage-inspired designs meant they were able to offer something interesting. With the first PEN Mini it was also able to offer the least-expensive mirrorless model on the market, but the camera that really made us sit up was the Olympus OM-D.
Mirrorless Roundup 2011

Having used all the current crop of Mirrorless cameras extensively, we've prepared a roundup, summarizing their main strengths and weaknesses and highlighted what we believe are the standout cameras in each part of the market.

Buyer's Guide: Enthusiast raw-shooting compact cameras

The ranks of photographers' compacts have been swelled by the arrival of the likes of the Fujifilm X10, Canon G12 and Nikon CoolPix P7100. After extensive use of all these cameras, here we see where these latest offerings sit in comparison with the existing models.

Just posted: Our group test of waterproof compact cameras

Just Posted: Our group test of waterproof, rugged compact cameras. It's been two years since we last published a review of this class of cameras and a lot has happened in the meantime. Today's crop of rugged compacts are better specified and more competitively-priced than ever and, while most still look distinctly utilitarian, some are positively stylish. We've subjected six current models to our usual studio and real-world testing, on both dry land, and underwater. Click the link below to find our what we thought, and which cameras prevailed.

Group test: Waterproof Compact Cameras
It's summer in the northern hemisphere, and no doubt a lot of people reading this will be enjoying the hot weather, planning trips to local beaches and lakes. In our recent group test of compact 'travel zoom' cameras we covered 14 of the most versatile compact cameras currently on the market in terms of zoom range, but maybe some of you want something a little more rugged. Perhaps you want something you can even take into the water, as you take a refreshing dip, or maybe you're the adventurous type, and just want something that you don't need to worry about if it gets dropped or banged against a rock. That's where waterproof compact cameras come in. Like travel zooms, the waterproof/rugged market has expanded considerably in recent years, and most of the major manufacturers currently offer at least one camera in this class.
Just posted: Our first multifunctional printer group test

Just Posted: Our group test of the Canon Pixma MG8150, Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD and HP Photosmart Premium C310 multifunctional printers. Although we may not be able to publish printer reviews with the same frequency as camera reviews, we will be expanding our printer coverage significantly over the coming months. This group test, which kicks off our newly expanded printing content, was produced in collaboration with Vincent Oliver of Photo-i.

All-in-One printer group test
There is no shortage of photo-capable printers on the market. In fact you can pick up an entry-level model these days for next to nothing which will produce perfectly nice 6x4in prints. However, having spent your hard earned cash on a decent camera and lenses you are probably going to want something that will do justice to your equipment by producing bigger, better output.
Just posted: Our group test of travel zoom compact cameras

Just Posted: our group test of travel zoom compact cameras. The travel zoom/compact super zoom category is one of the great success stories of recent years, with all the major manufacturers offering at least one small camera with at least a 10x zoom. And that success is understandable - few other camera types offer such a balance between size, price and flexibility. We've looked at fourteen of the latest models and narrowed these down to a shortlist of six for the full review treatment. Our 18-page grouptest shows how these six perform in a variety of situations, but all fourteen have both real-world samples and studio comparisons. Click here to find out what we thought and which cameras prevailed.

Compact Camera Group Test: Travel Zooms
As the travel zoom marketplace has expanded, the technology has advanced, to the extent that even some of last year's crop of products look under-specified compared to current models. One of the most noticeable effects of the increased competition in this sector is the increased sophistication of the hardware, not just with regards to the angle of view covered by the lenses, but also pixel counts and the increased prevalence of 'extras' like built-in GPS.
Just posted: 2010 Enthusiast Compact Group Test

Just Posted: Our group test of the latest high-end, enthusiast compact cameras. We've taken the the Canon Powershot S95, Panasonic Lumix LX5 and Nikon Coolpix P7000 and pitted them against one another both in and out of the dpreview studio. In this age of comparatively compact mirroless cameras, are these cameras' bright lenses and manual controls enough to help them stand out? Follow the link to find what we think of the three 10 Mp cameras we have chosen for this group test.

Just posted: 2010 Super Zoom Group Test

Just Posted: Our group test of the latest 'super zoom' cameras. Despite entry-level DSLRs getting cheaper and cheaper the super zoom models are as popular as ever. This latest generation comes with up to 30x zoom lenses, HD video recording and, in some cases, high speed stills and video capture. We've taken 9 super zoom cameras from the leading manufacturers and put them through the usual dpreview test procedures. Read our group test to find out which one is the best superzoom to take to the soccer pitch or on safari this summer.

Compact Camera Group Test: SLR-like 'super zoom' cameras
It's now more than a year since we published our last superzoom group test and despite the hype surrounding mirrorless system cameras such as Micro Four Thirds or the Sony NEX, and the fact that entry level DSLRs are becoming more and more affordable, superzoom cameras are as popular with consumers as ever. It is easy to see why. The combination of a large zoom range from wideangle to super telephoto, DSLR-like ergonomics and an attractive price point guarantee that these cameras appeal to a very broad audience.
Just posted: 2010 Travel Zoom Group Test

Just Posted: Our group test of the latest travel zooms. The pocketable long zoom camera has been one of the great growth sectors in recent years, packing immense flexibility into small, easy-to-use cameras. We've taken 13 compact superzoom cameras from the leading manufacturers and subjected them to a selection of our usual tests to help you decide which deserves a place in your luggage this summer. So which do we think makes the best travel companion?

Compact Camera Group Test: Travel Zooms
The so-called 'Travel Zoom' category hasn't been around long - in fact the first camera that could really lay claim to the label was the Panasonic TZ1, released in 2006. The idea of a wide zoom lens in a genuinely compact form factor (as opposed to a 'bridge' or DSLR type) has obvious mass appeal, and as a result, all of the major camera manufacturers (and a couple of the minor ones too) have been pulling out all the stops in an effort to cater for this demand.
Sony NEX-5 and NEX-3 review posted

Just posted: Our review of the all-new mirrorless system cameras from Sony, the NEX-5 and NEX-3. Offering an appealing combination of a large APS-C sensor in an incredibly compact body, the NEX cameras go head to head with Oympus and Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds system. Do they have enough to take pole position in the 'micro system camera' race? Check out our review - including the first outing of our new interactive studio comparison tool - after the link.

Sony NEX-3 / NEX-5 Review
Ever since Panasonic and Olympus created their Micro Four Thirds mirrorless system, all the talk has been about what the other players in the market will do. Micro Four Thirds has been steadily building its market share, seemingly without response from the three companies that account for over 80% of DSLR sales (Canon, Nikon and Sony), to the extent that 'Micro' risks becoming the generic term for these mirrorless systems ('When will Brand X make a Micro camera?' has become a fairly common thread title on our forums).
Just posted! Waterproof Camera Group Test

Just posted! Our waterproof camera group test. Summer time means visiting the seaside, riverside, or your local pool - these are times for fun in and out of the water. And your camera should be able to keep up with you every step of the way. In our latest group test we look at five waterproof cameras to see which is the most deserving of your hard-earned cash so you can enjoy a summer of worry-free shooting.

'Waterproof' Camera Group Test (Q2 2009)
It's summer in the northern hemisphere, and as the weather heats up, many readers will be heading to the nearest beach or river bank to cool down and relax. In these situations it's nice to have a camera that you don't have to worry about getting wet, and can maybe even take into the water with you. Manufacturers have offered underwater housings for compact cameras (as well as DSLRs) for some time, but with the high price and significant extra bulk of these accessories, a more compact and sometimes cheaper option could be a waterproof or water resistant camera.
Just Posted: Compact Superzoom Group Test

Just Posted: Our Compact 'Superzoom' Group Test. We continue our series of group tests with six cameras that all combine a compact 'take-anywhere' body with the versatility of a 10x or 12x zoom lens. Throw in some extras such as HD video, super wide-angle lenses and image stabilization and you've got yourself a very tempting recipe. But which one is the most tasty dish? Find out in our review.

'Compact Super Zoom' Camera Group Test (Q2 2009)
When Panasonic launched the 'Travel Zoom' TZ1 back in February 2006 the Japanese electronics giant established a profitable new niche within the digital camera market: the compact superzoom. For a short while the company's TZ series was the only digital camera line that combined a long (10x) zoom with compact and pocketable dimensions, and unsurprisingly the TZ series became rather popular with consumers. More recently though, probably inspired by Panasonic's success, most of the large manufacturers have launched their own contenders in the compact superzoom bracket, many of which show that their designers must have been looking quite closely at Panasonic's products before sitting down to develop their own models.
Super Zoom Camera Group Test

Just posted! The fifth and final installment of our compact camera roundup looks at 'big zoom' SLR-styled compact cameras. The appeal of being able to shoot everything from a sweeping landscape to a tightly framed telephoto shot with a single affordable - and relatively compact - camera is easy to understand; finding your way through the sea of seemingly very similar models is more of a challenge. We decided to look at seven of the latest models to find out if they are as similar in performance as they are in specification and design.

'Super Zoom' Camera Group Test (Q1 2009)
You don't need to be on safari to appreciate the benefits of a big zoom range (in fact the target audience for many of the cameras in this group is what's known in the US as the 'soccer mom' market), and in the last few years the super zoom sector has grown dramatically with at least one model in most manufacturers' lineup. The appeal of being able to shoot everything from a sweeping landscape or cramped interior to a tightly framed telephoto shot with a single affordable - and relatively compact - camera is easy to understand; finding your way through the sea of seemingly very similar models is more of a challenge. We decided to look at seven of the latest models to find out if they are as similar in performance as they are in specification and design.
Enthusiast Compact Camera Group Test

Just posted! The fourth (and penultimate) installment of our compact camera roundup looks at the top-end cameras aimed at the experienced photographer. These enthusiast cameras offer a bit more flexibility than the cameras we've looked at so far, whether that's the inclusion of a large zoom range or a greater degree of manual control. Follow the link to find what we made of them.

Prosumer Camera Group Test Q4 2008
Since the introduction of the affordable digital SLR a few years back industry observers have been predicting the demise of what used to be called the 'prosumer camera'; the highly specified compact with features aimed at the more serious photographer. A few years ago you could easily pay $700 for a top end compact; today that will buy you a decent SLR with a kit zoom, and it became obvious that the serious compact sector had to adapt or die - fortunately the manufacturers chose the former option.
Premium Compact Camera Group Test

Just posted! The third of our group tests covers the premium 'point and shoot' compacts that sit at or near the top of their respective ranges. With wide lenses, up to 14.7 million pixels and stuffed to the gills with features these cameras command top dollar, but are they all worth it? Follow the link, delve into the reviews and see what we've found...

Premium Camera Group Test (Q4 2008)
For the third of our group tests we've picked what are best termed 'premium' compact cameras. Since this is a rather vague description let me explain the criteria we used to select the six cameras in this group - starting with what they're not. Obviously they're not budget cameras, nor are they the slimmest models in the range; we've already covered both of those groups. They're also not advanced enthusiast models or SLR-like super zoom cameras aimed at the more serious photographer; we'll be looking at them next.
Ultra Compact Camera Group Test

Just posted! The second of our group tests covers the ultra compact, style cameras. They fit well in a pocket or handbag, they offer interesting design and a choice of colors; but is there a price to be paid for that compactness? Can the substance match the style? Follow the link, delve into the reviews and see what we've found...

Slim / Ultra Compact Camera Group Test (Q4 2008)
The digital camera hasn't escaped the consumer electronics industry's obsession with miniaturization. The first compact consumer digicams arrived in the mid 1990's and they've been getting smaller and slimmer ever since. As far back as 1999 companies such as Olympus, Canon and Pentax were offering small, metal-bodied compacts that weren't a lot bigger than a credit card, and we saw a new pretender to the 'world's smallest camera' crown almost monthly.
Budget Compact Camera Group Test

Just posted! The first of our Holidays '08 compact camera group tests. We're starting with the budget group, which contains nine models in the sub-$150 range. So what can you expect to get if shopping on a tight budget? Are there really any differences between the various models? And are there any bargains to be had or hidden gems in the entry-level ranges? Check out the roundup after the link to get all the answers...

Budget Camera Group Test (Q4 2008)
In the first of our five group tests of compact digital cameras, we're looking at what are best termed 'budget' models. We've not gone for the absolute cheapest of the cheap (you can, after all buy a digital camera/ webcam thingy for as little as $20) but have chosen entry-level models from the major manufacturers with a price bar of $150. Our selection was made based on a variety of criteria, including popularity (best-sellers), price/feature balance and worldwide availability. There are so many sub $150 cameras on the market that we could only ever get a snapshot (excuse the pun) of what's available.