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Video: Slow Mo Guys use new Phantom TMX7510 camera to break record by shattering glass at 800,000 fps

The Slow Mo Guys published their slowest video yet. In a new video, Gavin Free uses the Phantom TMX7510 camera at 80,000, 500,000 and even 800,000 frames per second to record glass breaking.

These Canon-branded mugs, tumblers and glasses are made to look like EF, RF lenses

You can now enjoy your brew, be it coffee or beer, from one of Canon Japan’s new drink ware, made to look like various Canon EF and RF lenses.

Canon Japan launches range of EOS-inspired traditional cut-glass tumblers

Based around camera and lens themes, the new glasses are designed to aid liquid and artistic inspiration for photographers on all sides of the fence

Photo capture with a wink is now an official feature of Google Glass

In the wink of an eye, Google gives a shutter alternative.

Google Glass gets a makeover, but is it still too dorky for most?

Meanwhile, the police (not the fashion sort) issue a first citation to a woman wearing Glass while driving.

Samsung files patent for Google Glass-like wearable tech

Patent for "sport glasses" allows users to take phone calls and listen to music.

OmniVision announces tiny wearable display and camera

The new technology could lead to more competition to Google Glass.

Photojournalist and prolific iPhone photographer Richard Koci Hernandez shares photos from Google Glass.

Google Glass updates camera with HDR, adds captions

Project Glass updates camera software to allow for captions and HDR.

App posts photos to Facebook from Google Glass

Third-party app developer Tesseract Mobile offers app to post Google Glass photos to Facebook.

The Wall Street Journal tells us how to be polite while wearing Glass. Meanwhile, SNL lampoons the technology.

Google Glass app takes photos with a wink

App would eliminate the need to audibly dictate image capture.

Google's Eric Schmidt talks about Glass's development and the need for new social etiquette. 

Futuristic device will only sport 5MP camera.

Understanding Google Glass

Infographic illustrates the optical principle behind the wearable tech.

Seattle dive bar bans Google Glass

The 5 Point Cafe in Seattle bans Google Glass before it's even on sale

Video gives a user perspective of Google's wearable interactive camera.

Leica Noctilux: Overkill or Necessity

Leica is famous for its high-speed optics. This article is about my experience with different versions of the fastest of them all: Noctilux. Hopefully, it will be helpful for those who is planning on buying one.