Articles tagged "funny"

Video: A cheeky hands-on 'review' of a limited-edition 'Vintage Camera' LEGO set

YouTuber Wizard of Bricks has shared a tongue-in-cheek 'camera review' of a 179-piece LEGO set that builds a Leica-inspired 35mm rangefinder camera.

Slideshow: 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards Finalists

The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards takes a more lighthearted approach to wildlife photography, all while raising funds for a good cause. This gallery showcases 11 of the 42 finalist photographs of this year’s contest.

Video: ‘Sh*t Leica Photographers Say’ is a playful parody on the Leica-owner stereotype

Whether or not you find this video humorous might depend on whether you have a Leica sitting on your shelf or not.

Photoshop 'Infinite Jokes' plugin keeps creators amused while they're working

The free plugin shows jokes and puns while running Photoshop, enabling users to rate the ones they like the most and contribute their own wisecracks.

Video: Billie Eilish parody music video 'Gear Guy' is made for filmmakers and photographers

Ring in the new year with a laugh thanks to this parody music video that pokes fun at photographers who might just suffer from Gear Acquisition Syndrome, less affectionately referred to as G.A.S.

Lens Rentals celebrated Halloween by testing its rental gear for ghosts and good vibes

Roger and Aaron of Lens Rentals decided to test some of their gear for paranormal activity. Spoiler alert: Sennheiser gear is haunted, coffee machines are full of good vibes and Aaron is possessed. Oh, and the detection equipment is far from conclusive.

Video: 'The completely bonafide and entirely unfalsified history of the camera'

Andrew Saladino of 'The Royal Ocean Film Society' has shared a humorous, albeit completely fictional look at the history of the camera.

Video: Strange, amusing and bizarre camera commercials from the '80s and '90s

YouTuber Azriel Knight shares a number of funny, unusual and downright creepy camera commercials from yesteryear.

Video: 5 tongue-in-cheek camera tricks for cheapskate photographers

YouTube channel I Did A Thing has shared a satirical video showing off five camera tricks for getting the most from your camera on a budget.

Our favorite finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

The finalist of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 have been announced: 40 wacky photos that are bound to put a smile on your face. Here are our favorites.

Craigslist poster raises the bar on terrible car photography

A Craigslist poster has discovered the worst possible way to photograph a car: taking pictures of pictures displayed on a cracked and scratched up smartphone screen.