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'Back to the drawing board': Sigma says full-frame Foveon camera won't arrive this year

Sigma has announced that it's starting over with a clean slate in the development of its full-frame Foveon-based camera, which it first announced in 2018 and hoped to release this year.

Throwback Thursday: Sigma SD1

The Sigma SD1, announced in 2010, was the company's first DSLR to feature the 15 megapixel (times three) Foveon X3 sensor. It also had an available burl wood veneer that looked great in a Bentley.

Sigma announces sd Quattro and sd Quattro H Foveon mirrorless cameras

Sigma has announced two mirrorless ILCs: the Sigma sd Quattro and the sd Quattro H. Both cameras use the company's full-depth SA lens mount as used in its SLRs, and are built around APS-C and APS-H sized sensors, respectively. Both use the company's Foveon technology that captures different color information at different depths in the sensor. Read more

Sigma UK gives pricing and availability for dp2 Quattro + Specs

Sigma UK has revealed pricing and availability for its dp2 Quattro, along with much more information about the camera than we got when it was announced in February. The latest, 45mm-equivalent, model features dramatic styling and a fundamental re-think of the company's Foveon multi-layer sensor design. It will be available in early July with a suggested retail price of £899.99 including VAT. In the USA availability is estimated as early August and the street price will be $999. Learn more

Sigma unveils radical DP2 Quattro with re-thought ~19.6MP Foveon sensor

Sigma has revealed the next generation of its DP series of APS-C sensor, fixed focal length cameras, with the dp2 Quattro. The latest, 45mm-equivalent, model features dramatic styling and a fundamental re-think of the company's Foveon multi-layer sensor design. The Quattro sensor still uses three layers to detect color information but now only captures its full, 19.6 million pixel resolution in the top layer, with lower two layers capturing 4.9MP of information each. The sensor will also appear in 28mm and 75mm equivalent dp1 Quattro and dp3 Quattro models.

Canon still pursuing Foveon-style multi-layer sensor design

Canon has patented a color-sensitive multi-layered sensor design, showing the company is still pursuing the technology. Like Sigma's Foveon chips, the multi-layered design allows each of the sensor's pixels to capture color information without the need for colored filters. The patent, discovered by the Japanese Engineering Accomplishment blog, suggests a system to promote resonance within the sensor, in an attempt to make the lower layers of the sensor more sensitive. (from Egami blog)

Sigma launches DP3 Merrill with Foveon sensor and 75mm (equiv.) lens

CES 2013: Sigma has announced the DP3 Merrill, the latest iteration of the company's enthusiast large sensor compact camera. Nearly identical to the earlier DP Merrill models, this camera features the familiar 15x3MP APS-C Foveon X3 sensor, but it is now mated with a 50mm (75mm equiv.) F2.8 lens. The lens lends itself to portraiture and, with a minimum focus distance of 22.6cm, offers respectable 1:3 magnification. Video recording is still limited to VGA resolution but the DP3M can shoot at up to 4 frames per second for 7 frames in Raw.

Sigma US announces DP1 Merrill at $1000, arriving in mid September

Sigma Corportation of North America has announced that the DP1 Merrill will be available from mid September at a price of around $1000. The DP1M is the version of the company's fixed lens, APS-C compact camera with a 28mm equivalent, F2.8. It uses the same Foveon X3 sensor as the company's flagship SD1 DSLR, which captures three colors at each of its 14.6 million pixel sites. The quoted price is the camera's 'street price' reflecting what Sigma thinks the camera will actually sell for, rather than a more speculative recommended selling price.

Report: Sigma at PPE 2011
Sigma is at PPE, showing off its huge range of lenses and (smaller) range of cameras, including the innovative SD1 DSLR. We got our hands on some of the latest products and met up with Rudy Guttosch of Foveon.
Exclusive: Sigma and Foveon discuss the forthcoming SD1

One of the few real surprises at Photokina 2010 was Sigma's announcement of its forthcoming SD1 DSLR, and that at its heart would be a new Foveon sensor that would offer 15.4x3MP resolution rather than the existing 4.7x3MP. We spoke to Sigma Chief Operating Officer Kazuto Yamaki, Foveon Vice President for Technology and Operations, Shri Ramaswami and its Vice President for Strategic Marketing, Rudy Guttosch about the work that's gone on.

Silkypix Pro release candidate for Sigma Foveon X3
Japanese software developer Ichikawa Soft Laboratory has announced a 'release candidate' version of its Silkypix Developer Studio Pro raw converter that supports Sigma's SD14, DP1 and DP2 digital cameras. The new version also extends raw suppport to most cameras including the Nikon D300S and Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and offers features such lens aberration controllers, noise reduction, color accuracy and batch processing. The Sigma RC will be available as a free download until November 30, 2009. The release candidate label indicates the update is tested, but not yet the finalized version.
Sigma buys sensor developer Foveon
Camera and lens maker Sigma has bought Foveon, the sensor technology company that develops the sensors it uses. Foveon's technology uses three photosensitive layers to detect red, green and blue light at each pixel. Sigma says owning the company will allow the development of new types of sensors and improved integration between the sensors and its lenses.
Foveon 1/1.8" X3 Image Sensor

Foveon has today issued a press release announcing the F19 1/1.8" Type CMOS 'Direct Image Sensor'. This press release essentially puts a name to the sensor to be used in the Polaroid x530 digital camera which was announced at PMA. As with previous X3 sensors the F19 captures three individual colors (red, green and blue) for each pixel location, in this case 1440 x 1080 x 3 layers. Hence this new chip is being labelled as a '4.5 Megapixel CMOS Direct Image Sensor'. This sensor is also designated to be used in the new HanVision HVDUO-5M digital camera which is aimed at industrial, scientific, medical, and communications applications.

Polaroid x530 with Foveon X3 sensor

Pre-PMA 2004: Foveon today announced that Polaroid's new x530 digital camera will use a 1/1.8" size X3 Direct Image Sensor. The x530 will have a three times optical zoom lens and is designed around a typical point-and-shoot digital camera body, similar to the Canon A70. The sensor used is Foveon's 'X3 5M' Direct Image CMOS Sensor (three layers of 1.5 million pixels each) which is the industry standard 1/1.8" Type size (7.1 x 5.3 mm effective). In a big step forward for Foveon the x530 can now produce JPEG images in-camera. Exclusive: We have some images of a design model of the x530.

Foveon X3 Fill Light

Foveon today announced that Sigma Photo Pro 2.0 (for the SD10, also works with the SD9) has a new and important feature called 'X3 Fill Light'. This feature works by lightening dark areas of the image much in the same way a flash fill light would (auto dodge and burn or 'locally varying tone correction'). As the new X3 Fill Light operates using the RAW data stored in the X3F file it appears to produce far better results than we have seen from any similar Photoshop plug-in type enhancement. The new X3 Fill Light feature is implemented as an adjustment slider in Photo Pro and its setting can be stored in the X3F file along with all other rendering adjustments (another new feature of Photo Pro 2.0).

Foveon updated X3 Pro 10M sensor

Foveon today announced an updated version of its X3 Pro 10M sensor, this new sensor is used in the new Sigma SD10 which has also been announced today. While the sensor has the same resolution as that used in the SD9 (2268 x 1512 x 3) Foveon has finally taken the step to calling this a 10.2 megapixel sensor. The new sensor is said to have improved dynamic range and color response as well as increasing sensitivity by utilizing a microlens over each pixel location, sensitivity for the SD10 is up to ISO 100 to 800 with ISO 1600 available as an extended option.

Foveon X3 5M 1/1.8" type sensor

Foveon has released specifications for the 'Foveon X3 5M CMOS Image Sensor'. This is a very interesting sensor because it is the same size as the now almost standard 1/1.8" type used in many of todays compact digital cameras. The X3 5M has 4.53 MPS (million pixel sensors) in an array of 1420 x 1060 x 3 layers. This sensor is also capable of 640 x 480 full color video (3 colors per output pixel) at an impressive 30 frames per second using Foveon's Variable Pixel Size (VPS) capability. Could this be a sign that we will soon see consumer level digital cameras with X3 sensors? (Note: According to our friends at Imaging-Resource mention was made of this sensor back in March but until now we had not seen the specifications).

Foveon license X3 to National Semiconductor

Foveon has today announced a license agreement for the manufacture and distribution of X3 technology to National Semiconductor. "Foveon has developed a large portfolio of image sensor products and image capture technologies that we are bringing to market through partners. Through National's worldwide sales and marketing organization we will see the accelerated adoption of X3 based products in key markets," said Jim Lau, president and CEO of Foveon, Inc.

Foveon and Sigma reveal SD-9 pricing

Pre-Photokina 2002: Foveon and Sigma have today revealed the list price and shipping date for the SD-9 digital SLR, the first digital camera to use Foveon's ground-breaking X3 sensor. The SD-9 (body only) will have a list price of $1800 in the US and £1299.99 inc VAT in the UK and should be available in late October. Taking into account the difference street price will make this places the SD-9 in an extremely competitive position compared to the Nikon D100 and Canon EOS-D60. Inside: Press Releases from Foveon and Sigma UK as well as links to our exclusive information on the SD-9 and X3 sensor.

Foveon X3 exclusive preview

Pre-PMA 2002: 00:01 EST: Almost three months ago we had an exclusive opportunity to test Foveon's new X3 sensor technology for ourselves. Foveon provided dpreview with an early prototype sensor in a standard Foveon studio body (the same used for their Foveon II Portrait Camera). The prototype setup was a tethered only solution and despite the prototype nature of the this sensor the results were very impressive. UPDATED 17th Feb - Crops from TIFF originals replace first set of crops. 20th Feb - Resolution chart.

Sigma SD9 D-SLR: Foveon X3 sensor

Pre-PMA 2002: Sigma's new SD9 D-SLR will be the first digital camera to utilize Foveon's recently announced X3 sensor technology. This new camera has a 3.43 megapixel (effective) X3 sensor which outputs 2268 x 1512 x 3 pixels. Each pixel is 9 microns which makes the sensor 20.7 x 13.8 mm (a 1.7x focal length multiplier). The SD9 has a Sigma lens mount and a unique dust protector just behind the lens mount to stop dust from attaching itself to the sensor. Price is expected to be around US$3,000. UPDATED: Full specifications. Pre-order today!

Foveon X3 technology overview

Pre-PMA 2002: 00:01 EST: As a part of our coverage of Foveon's X3 sensor technology this news article is a reproduction of a technology overview presentation provided by Foveon in its standard press kit. This overview summarises the method of the existing mosaic sensors and the way in which the new X3 sensor works.

Foveon's revolutionary X3 sensor

Pre-PMA 2002: 00:01 EST: Foveon has today announced a new, revolutionary image sensor called the X3. A traditional digital camera sensor works by capturing just one colour (red, green or blue) at each pixel location. These individual pixels are then combined in software to produce a full colour pixel. The X3 is the first sensor which is capable of capturing full colour for every pixel in its array. The X3 does so with a special photosite which is measures different colours at different 'depths' within the silicon. The first camera to use the new sensor will be the $3,000 Sigma SD9 D-SLR (Sigma lens mount), Kodak have also shown an interest in using the X3 technology.

Foveon to challenge with 16 megapixels

Just two weeks ago Kodak announced a range of new / improved CCD's. Today the NY Times (online) is carrying a story of a new prototype camera from Foveon which also sports a 16 megapixel imager, this time a CMOS device at a considerably lower price (according to them) than the Kodak device. They say " to capture digital images with a resolution of 4,096 by 4,096 picture elements - or pixels - per square inch. That, by some measures, is about twice the resolution of 35-millimeter film."