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Finer Points: Web rot is erasing our images and videos

The internet started as a means of connecting governments and universities and has grown into an omnipresent force that has refined human history and our daily lives. It's also getting older, starting to forget and rotting from the inside and taking all our photos, videos and text with it.

Finer Points: Here's an easy way to improve video autofocus

Camera tech for video has come a long way in recent years, with faster autofocus, subject tracking, eye tracking and smarter lenses that stabilize the frame. But in the rush to make hybrids why are aren't we giving video shooters the tools they need?

Finer Points: What would you want to see in a hybrid camera? For me it’s shutter angle and 32-bit float audio

There are plenty of hybrid cameras on the market, but often a user needs to choose between photo- or video-centric models in terms of features. Jason Hendardy explains why he would want to see shutter angle and 32-bit float audio as added features in cameras that highlight both photo and video functionalities.

Finer Points: Auto focus boxes need an upgrade, give me a rainbow in this monotone world

Today's modern cameras are armed with sophisticated autofocusing systems. They can focus anywhere in the frame, track multiple subjects, and switch on the fly. But what good are these advanced tools if you can't see where the camera is even focusing? It's time for the autofocus box to upgrade from its single-color status.

Finer Points: It's time to add some AI to manual focus. Here's a way to do it

With every new camera we learn of new advancements in autofocus, including AI-driven autofocus. DPReview's Matt Waller wants to know what it's going to take to get some love and innovation for manual focus.

Finer Points: Why cryptographically signed photos matter

Is seeing believing? With the prevalence of cheaper and easier-to-use technology, and the threshold for manipulating photos and video becoming lower, it brings new tools for creatives and new opportunities for bad actors to manipulate others for their own goals.