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Apple announces Final Cut Pro for iPad (with no shortage of caveats): What you need to know

You'll need the latest hardware to download Final Cut Pro for iOS. And the app is only available via a subscription.

Apple responds to open letter calling for Final Cut Pro improvements

Apple has responded to an open letter published last month, wherein more than 100 individuals in the entertainment industry asked Apple to improve the development and promotion of Final Cut Pro.

Over 100 members of the TV and film industry ask Apple to improve Final Cut Pro

An open letter asking Apple to improve its video editor has been signed by more than 100 TV and film industry members, putting pressure on the Cupertino company to bring its video editor more up to date with industry standards and specifications.

Apple updates Final Cut Pro to improve performance with its new Mac Studio desktops

Final Cut Pro 10.6.2 improves playback and graphics performance with Apple's new M1 Max and M1 Ultra-powered Mac Studio desktops.

Apple updates iMovie and Final Cut Pro, improving stability and workflow

Apple has updated four of its video editing applications, iMovie, Compressor, Motion and Final Cut Pro. The free updates increase stability, add new features and deliver improved workflow options.

Head to Head: Apple Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere Pro

We pit Adobe's Premiere Pro against Apple's Final Cut Pro to see which video editor takes the performance crown. Same timeline, same footage, same effects... very different results.

Final Cut Pro X 10.4.7 arrives with major performance boosts, GPU selection and Pro Display XDR support

Apple has made a substantial update to Final Cut Pro X, bringing with it a massive boost in performance, multi-GPU support and support for Apple's Pro Display XDR.