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Video Guide: Smartphone vs Digital SLR

We've just posted the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series of short videos aimed at the novice photographer. In this first segment our hosts Jordan and Mark compare the results from a smartphone and an entry-level digital SLR in everyday shooting conditions such as low light, moving subjects and the challenge of capturing a flattering informal portrait. In future spots we'll be covering more practical shooting advice and diving into creative techniques in an effort to help beginners choose the right gear. Click on the thumbnail to watch the video.

10 mobile solutions for photo storage and sharing

Top options to keep your photo files organized and easily accessible from anywhere.

Rob Hart says he "was replaced with a reporter with an iPhone, so he is documenting his new life with an iPhone."

Collective uses mobile and more to document another side of Los Angeles.

Vine artist extraordinaire uses app to tell stories in six seconds or less.

A short history of animals trying to eat GoPro cameras

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The tiny GoPro camera looks delicious to some animals.

Mobile phones offer photographers a fresh perspective

These pros find new uses for camera phones.

Operation Photo Rescue repairs photos damaged by fires, floods and natural disasters.

Exposure: Jonny Yandri

In Indonesia, Yandri captures his life with a Nokia Lumia 920.

Lost soles come together in mobile photo blog of missing shoes

Smartphone snaps catalogue shoes found all over the world.

Peter Belanger dishes on how he captures beautiful iPhone photos. 

Exposure: Stephanie McNabb

After 12-hour night shifts, mobile photographer sees sunrises in a different light.

We put four top-of-the-line phone cameras to the test under a range of shooting conditions.

Exposure: Jeffrey Reeves

Graphic designer takes landscapes in San Francisco and North Carolina.

Contributor Lauren Crabbe was among those taking photos with her smartphone at the finish line. 


UK photographer on mobile photography, his favorite apps and geothermal hot springs.

Exposure: Christian J. Sweet

Sweet’s photo illustrations have caught the attention of mobile photographers and celebrities.

Exposure: Luis Rodriguez

An architect living in Madrid sees the world through the lens of his iPhone 4S.

Photographer's Instagram images catch Nike's eye

Tim Landis is helping brands connect to customers with his trademark landscape photography. 

Movie montage gives new perspective to your still images

Photographer Star Rush finds sequencing images into movie format useful for thinking through photo essays or exhibitions.

Longtime camera users often scoff at the many  limitations of smartphones. Staff writer Amadou Diallo finds that approach may be missing the point.

Which mobile platform is best for photographers?

We take a look at what the Google Play store, Apple App Store and Windows Store offer photographers.

Photographers reveal life inside the notoriously secretive country. 

An Instagram feed you have to follow: @muradosmann

Photographer's feed is full of images of his girlfriend leading him around the world. 

A smartphone, a DSLR and 40 weddings photographed in one day

Photographer Kevin Kuster shares his experience shooting 40 wedding portraits in one day.

Smartphone is ideal tool for documentary photography while traveling internationally.

Smartphone portraits: 6 tips from MPA finalist Alfred Pleyer

30-year veteran photographer started shooting with his Samsung Galaxy S3 less than a year ago.

Photos offer collective view of Lunar New Year celebrations

Instagram and other social photo sharing services showcase Chinese New Year around the world.

App tutorial: Give portraits depth with HDR feel

Using two apps, Dave Temple, @kewiki, manipulates a single image to achieve an HDR look.

What #hashtags mean to mobile photography

Mobile photographer Misho Baranovic looks at how and why we tag our Instagram images.

App magic: Blend your mobile images in 5 steps

Mobile artist Jennifer Bracewell makes blending joint images look easy.

A can't-miss interview with one of the world's most renowned mobile photographers from EyeEm.

iStockphoto offers ideas for improving your mobilography.

Curation is key in mobile photography

How do we ensure we're sharing mobile imagery in a meaningful way? 

Chris Hadfield posts stunning views of earth's landmarks from space.

7 iPhone photography trends at the Macworld Expo

Professionals and hobbyists come together to discus iPhone photography. 

Allan Hoffman guesses at what more connected cameras could mean for the iPhone maker.

Apps for more colorful captures: One artist's favs

How did she do that? See what apps Tommy Vohrs relies on for eye-popping color, and double exposures.

Panos Papanagiotou uses his iPhone to reflect on city living.

Etsy finds for mobile photographers

From Instagram icon earrings to stylish smartphone covers, Etsy offers original accessories for the smartphone photographer.

Mobile photographer makes high art of self-portraits

Turkish mobile artist Aylin Argun turns her iPhone on herself.

Mobile photography fosters new kind of family photography

More accessible, mobile photography tools are changing the way we capture images of our children, and their experience with photography.

Look inside the Hero3 action camera.

AMPt revamped

AMPt aims for more mobile photography community support with site revamp

Making the most of a busy mobile photo space

Star Rush examines how to find clarity within the clutter. 

Make time to take an artistic inventory

One mobile artist takes a look back at her work.

Street photography on your smartphone

Learn tips for candid street photography from mobile photographer Anton Kawasaki.

Branch out with mobile photographer MaryJane Sarvis

Mobile artist shares her favorite apps and tricks for newbies. 

Mobile photography keeps street artist's work alive

Guido van Helten uses his smartphone to create and document his work.

Video showcase: Best mobile images of 2012

App Whisperer shares a collection of the best mobile imagery of 2012.

Total: 142, showing: 51 – 100
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