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Photographer documents 'dinnertime' across the US

Photographer Lois Bielefeld's surprisingly captivating photo project 'Weeknight Dinners' documents what dinnertime looks like for households across the US.

Photographer duo captures incredibly creative architecture portraits

Artistic duo Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis travel the world capturing creative photos of each other interacting with beautiful, odd and otherwise interesting architecture.

This self-taught photographer is telling the stories of women across rural India

Photographer Deepti Asthana's project Women of India documents the stories of women across rural India, revealing how far behind these regions are when it comes to girls' and womens' rights.

What is equivalence and why should I care?

Equivalence, at its most simple, is a way of comparing different formats (sensor sizes) on a common basis. Sounds straightforward enough, but the concept is still somewhat controversial and not always clearly understood. We thought it was about time we explained - and demonstrated - what equivalence means and what it doesn't. Learn more

Getting off the ground: Cheap drones for photography

With the popularity of drone photography ever increasing, curious hobbyists may be looking for a way to try it out without spending a lot. It's not the most expensive hobby you could pick, but $1000 for a DJI Phantom II and a GoPro Hero3+ is about the same cost as a mid-range camera and lens. Low-cost drones with built-in cameras seem like a great option for the curious. But do the price benefits outweigh the inevitable image quality and usability tradeoffs that come with a cheaper quad? Read more

Updated: Creating the Leica T

No one will deny that Leica cameras are expensive. But there's more to the cost than just that red dot on the front. Each of the company's new 'T' mirrorless cameras are built by hand in Germany with incredible precision. View the transformation from aluminum brick to finished product. We've just updated this slideshow with some insights from Leica's head of product management, Stefan Daniel. Click through to see (and read) more. 

Maintaining a wedding photography business can be demanding, so here are some helpful apps to put your mobile tech to work.

We are having a look at the highlights of MWC 2014 and offer an outlook at what's still to come in the world of smartphones and mobile imaging in 2014.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 gains Raw capture through the "Black" firmware update. We took a closer look at the DNG files for its photographic potential. 

Compare our reviewer's results for yourself.

Ringing in the new year: A photographic perspective

All around the world, people are sharing their point of view as they welcome 2014.

Crowd-funded camera puts new spin on panoramas.

We examine the year's best in mobile imaging.

Photo capture with a wink is now an official feature of Google Glass

In the wink of an eye, Google gives a shutter alternative.

We've rounded up some of the best mobile photography gifts of 2013.

Book review: The Art of iPhone Photography

'The Art of iPhone Photography' functions as both a gallery and an instructive workbook of mobile photography.

Integrating a tablet into a live shoot with a DSLR.

From 4 megapixels to 41, discerning what matters when it comes to your smartphone's megapixel count can be confusing. We take a closer look.

Exposure: Tony Majka captures bankrupt Detroit

A Detroit native picks up his iPhone to tell the story of his crumbling city.

Get on the grid: Apps to create digital collages

The best mosaic, grid and collage applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

What can Apple do to make iPhone photography better? Will we get what we want tomorrow?

Are hybrid cameras/smartphones what we've been waiting for?

Ten unique cameras from the dawn of consumer digital photography

Do you remember having to change floppy disks on your Sony Mavica? Or perhaps plugging your Coolpix 100 into the side of your laptop? The early days of consumer digital photography were filled with cameras that broke new ground, though not necessarily in directions that were widely adopted. In this article, DPReview's Jeff Keller takes a look back at ten unique cameras from the era of PC Cards and SCSI ports. Follow the link to explore some of the interesting dead-ends of early digital photography.

Van Genderen's Lumia 920 film made it all the way to Sundance. 


Has the modern era of digital photography made the printed snapshot a lost art?

How Instagram is playing a role in documenting Obama's presidency. 

The 10 best pet accounts on Instagram

These pet owners capture their cute companions with great compositions.

Lowy uses new Clara filter in Sarajevo.

Richard Koci Hernandez shows off EyeEm's new Capa filter

See what the black & white filter can do in the hands of an award-winning photographer. 

Hit the road: Mobile photographers capture summer road trips

We searched social media for the best road trip photos and videos.

Pug Life: Photographer Instagrams his photogenic pet

Photographer Jeremy Veach shares artistic and adorable photos of his dog Norm via @jermzlee.

Eye-Fi Mobi simplifies the process of getting your photos from a camera to a mobile device.

We've collected some of our favorite photos of the summer so far.

5 tips for great fireworks photos with your smartphone

Make the most of your mobile for fantastic fireworks photos.

A practical guide to protecting your mobile photos online

What are you doing to keep your photos from being stolen?

Video Guide: Smartphone vs Digital SLR

We've just posted the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series of short videos aimed at the novice photographer. In this first segment our hosts Jordan and Mark compare the results from a smartphone and an entry-level digital SLR in everyday shooting conditions such as low light, moving subjects and the challenge of capturing a flattering informal portrait. In future spots we'll be covering more practical shooting advice and diving into creative techniques in an effort to help beginners choose the right gear. Click on the thumbnail to watch the video.

10 mobile solutions for photo storage and sharing

Top options to keep your photo files organized and easily accessible from anywhere.

Rob Hart says he "was replaced with a reporter with an iPhone, so he is documenting his new life with an iPhone."

Collective uses mobile and more to document another side of Los Angeles.

Vine artist extraordinaire uses app to tell stories in six seconds or less.

A short history of animals trying to eat GoPro cameras

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The tiny GoPro camera looks delicious to some animals.

Mobile phones offer photographers a fresh perspective

These pros find new uses for camera phones.

Operation Photo Rescue repairs photos damaged by fires, floods and natural disasters.

Exposure: Jonny Yandri

In Indonesia, Yandri captures his life with a Nokia Lumia 920.

Lost soles come together in mobile photo blog of missing shoes

Smartphone snaps catalogue shoes found all over the world.

Peter Belanger dishes on how he captures beautiful iPhone photos. 

Exposure: Stephanie McNabb

After 12-hour night shifts, mobile photographer sees sunrises in a different light.

We put four top-of-the-line phone cameras to the test under a range of shooting conditions.

Exposure: Jeffrey Reeves

Graphic designer takes landscapes in San Francisco and North Carolina.

Contributor Lauren Crabbe was among those taking photos with her smartphone at the finish line. 

Total: 127, showing: 1 – 50
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