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Framing fashion with Dixie Dixon

At the age of 20, most people are just beginning to figure out what careers they want to pursue. Dixie Dixon got an early start in photography, so by 20 she had years of experience under her belt and a clear direction in mind – fashion photography. As New York prepares to host Fashion Week 2016 in a few days, we're re-visiting Dixon's PIX 2015 talk. Read more

Fashion photography with the 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020

We all know that smartphones are being equipped with better and better cameras, but few of us would ever consider using one for 'serious' photography except in an emergency. Nokia's 'conversations' blog is featuring an interesting project by its own 'camera expert', Ari Partinen and colleague Marko Saari, who wanted to see whether the new Nokia Lumia 1020, which features a 41 megapixel 'PureView' sensor, could hold its own in a studio fashion shoot. The results might surprise you. 

Wearable tech gets smart

Maxwell Smart(phone) redux: high-tech function meets fashion.

New York Times details photo editing policy for fashion magazine

A cover image in the latest issue of the New York Times' monthly style magazine, T, has led to an interesting discussion about the newspaper's policy on photo retouching. While editors forbid any image manipulation beyond, 'minor color-toning and brightness' in news stories, retouches and removal of blemishes are allowed in the style magazine's fashion photography. Does a newspaper risk credibility by allowing retouching on editorially-branded content? Click to read more and share your thoughts.

Fashion and fire blended the Von Wong way

Benjamin Von Wong posted photos and a video from his impressive Paris photoshoot that combined fire, fireworks, and models into some dramatic imagery. 'Since we were messing around with consumable effects,' said VonWong in his blog, 'each time we started a burn I had to be ready to constantly change up my camera settings to be able to compensate for the lighting conditions.' (via FStoppers)

Shooting fashion with a Sony RX100?

I take my little Sony RX100 for a spin on the wild side to see how it fares as a "in your face/pocket" stealthy editorial fashion shooter!

Editorial Lighting - The Minimalist Way
Join photographer Thomas Park on a fashion editorial shoot where a blue sedan in a grungy alleyway becomes the set for a clean and simple summer look.