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Chinese government rules in favour of Alpa in counterfeit cameras case

The photo industry may be able to take some hope from this case in which Alpa was able to secure damages from a Chinese company producing fakes and copies of its cameras.

Gary Fong warns of counterfeit Lightsphere flash diffusers

Gary Fong has published a video detailing how counterfeit light diffusers are being sold by malicious sellers through online retailers such as Amazon.

Twitter will start labeling manipulated and deepfaked content

The social media company also plans to remove content that it finds potentially harmful. sorts the real Sandy photos from the fakes

Hurricane Sandy has left a swath of destruction across the Caribbean and eastern United States. Thousands of images have been circulating around the web, showing flooded streets, destroyed homes and submerged Subway stations. Some of the images that have popped up around the Internet are truly unbelievable  but how do you know which ones are fake and which ones are real? The Atlantic has posted an exhaustive article, sorting out the genuine images from the fake. Click through for a link to the story.