Articles tagged "fake"

Canon publishes microsite to bring awareness to counterfeit, gray market Canon products

The website includes detailed explainers as well as a visual quiz where you can test whether or not you are able to distinguish genuine products versus counterfeit products.

Fujifilm issues advisory after discovering counterfeit 35mm rolls of Fujifilm-branded film

Fujifilm has issued an advisory after it discovered counterfeit rolls of film bearing the ‘Fujifilm’ brand have been discovered.

Facebook, Instagram sue company that made over $9M selling fake likes and followers

According to the complaint, the company allegedly selling inauthentic Instagram activity made more than $9,430,000 from its operation.

3rd time isn't a charm for Huawei, who once again gets busted faking smartphone photos

Huawei clearly hasn't learned its lesson and once again has been busted for trying to pass off DSLR photos as images taken with one of its upcoming smartphones.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year winner disqualified for using stuffed animal

The winner of the Environment category of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has been disqualified after the competition’s organizers discovered the anteater starring in the dramatic nighttime image is actually stuffed.

Associated Press photographer's video shows 'travel photographers' staging photos

AP photographer A.M. Ahad captured this video that shows how tourist 'travel photographers' will stage scenes in an attempt to capture award-winning images.

This vlogger is the guy behind last week's Canon G7 X Mark III hoax

Last week, a series of "leaked" images purported to show the upcoming Canon G7X Mark III, complete with 4K video! Just one issue: they were big fat fakes. This Italian vlogger is the guy who made them.