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DPReview TV: What is ETTR in photography, and when should you use it?

Photographers love abbreviations, and 'ETTR' is one of the most confusing. Find out what it is and when to use it.

Exposure Software releases Exposure X5 image editing and organizing software

The latest version of the software brings 3D Color Masking, Vignetting correction and a range of other new features.

Alien Skin Software is changing its name to Exposure Software

The famous Alien Skin name is to be replaced with Exposure Software to align the brand more closely with its flagship plug-in product.

1000-year long exposure due to reveal effects of climate change for exhibition in 3018

A series of pinhole cameras have been positioned around Lake Tahoe to record in a single exposure the effects of climate change over the course of the next 1000 years.

Alien Skin unveils Exposure X3 raw editor and organizer, available this fall

Alien Skin Exposure X3 will pack a bunch of new features including "toning enhancements" for B&W and color images, a side-by-side comparison view, radial and linear brush shapes, and more.

Alien Skin Software announces Exposure 6 plugin

Alien Skin Software has announced the latest version of its flagship photography effects software. Exposure 6 now includes a 'Bokeh' focus and lens-simulation feature, an updated image processing engine for instant previews, enhanced user interface for quick workflow, and unlimited creative texture control. The analog film emulation and creative effects software integrates with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Aperture or can be launched as a stand-alone program. Learn more

Bloomfield's photos show food as a process instead of just the finished product.

A photographer and her boyfriend document their motorcycle ride from San Francisco to Tierra Del Fuego.

Exposure: Philip Parsons gets 'AMPt' on mobile photography

Medical professional finds a passion for photography within the smartphone photography community. 

Exposure: Tony Majka captures bankrupt Detroit

A Detroit native picks up his iPhone to tell the story of his crumbling city.

Van Genderen's Lumia 920 film made it all the way to Sundance. 

Crowdfunding campaign launched to expand Shutterbug Remote capabilities.

Exposure: Gianpiero Riva

Italian iPhone photographer Gianpiero Riva literally wrote the book on smartphone photography. 

Exposure: Mark Hirsch and 'that tree'

Mark Hirsch captures a year in the life of a lonely tree.

Vine artist extraordinaire uses app to tell stories in six seconds or less.

Exposure: Nigel Parker

Windows Phone 8 photographer Nigel Parker talks about how he took his favorite mobile photo.

Exposure: Jonny Yandri

In Indonesia, Yandri captures his life with a Nokia Lumia 920.

Exposure: Stephanie McNabb

After 12-hour night shifts, mobile photographer sees sunrises in a different light.

UK photographer on mobile photography, his favorite apps and geothermal hot springs.

Exposure: Christian J. Sweet

Sweet’s photo illustrations have caught the attention of mobile photographers and celebrities.

The Practical Zone System for Film and Digital Photography

In this fifth edition of his well-regarded book Chris Johnson adds new material and explains why the Zone System, developed as paradigm for film shooters, can also be easily applied in the digital age.

Landscape Photography Primer
Landscape photography has long been a popular endeavor, but doing it well involves much more than simply taking your camera to an exotic location. Learn some of the equipment, logistical and technical basics you need to get started in this genre.