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Epson found 30 in-box R-D1s rangefinders in a warehouse, and Epson fans will win them all

In Japan, Epson workers found 30 sealed R-D1s rangefinder cameras in a warehouse. Epson fans can enter a lottery to win the cameras.

Epson announces new and improved 13" SureColor P700, 17" P900 photo printers

The pair of printers have more compact designs, incorporate a new 4.3" touchscreen control panel and feature new and improved inks.

Review: What it's like to scan film on the Epson Perfection V600

The Epson V600 is a reasonably priced scanner aimed at analog film shooters. It's fairly easy to operate and capable of decent image quality, but still easily bested by scans from our local photo lab.

Epson reveals SureColor P7570, P9570 wide-format printers that offer 'museum quality' prints

These two new professional printers offer an incredible range of printing options and have a price to match.

Epson adds textured paper to Legacy photo inkjet lineup

A new textured paper has been introduced to the Epson Legacy range of premium inkjet media that the company claims allows dense blacks, vibrant colors and ‘outstanding’ print permanence.

Epson FastFoto FF-680W, world's fastest personal photo scanner, now available

At max speed, the Epson FastFoto FF-680W can scan a photo every second at 300dpi.

Epson doubles print life with its SureColor P5000 17in printer

Epson claims its new 17" printer uses ink that has double the print-life of previous models, and produces a smoother more even gloss finish. Read more

Epson's FastFoto FF-640 scanner can digitize a photograph in one second

Epson calls its new FF-640 photo scanner the fastest in the world, claiming it can scan images in as little as one per second at 300dpi. Read more

Epson's AR glasses will let you see what your DJI drone sees

Epson has announced a partnership with drone-maker DJI to ensure its Moverio augmented reality smart glasses are fully compatible with the Chinese company’s aerial camera craft. Read more

Epson's 4K home projectors to go on sale next month

Epson is set to begin sales of three 4K UHD digital projectors that feature HDR and 3D support, as well as extremely long lamp life. Read more

Epson announces mass production of 4.41m dot LCD likely used in Leica SL

Epson has announced its latest electronic viewfinder panel: a 4.41m dot SXGA+ display, a spec that may sound familiar to anyone who's been reading about Leica's SL full-frame mirrorless camera. Epson had shown a mockup of the panel at CP+ back in February 2015, and says the unit is now in mass production. Read more

Epson introduces quartet of SureColor large format printers, new extra-dense UltraChrome HDX ink-set

Epson has announced that it will be selling four new printers for the professional market starting in November this year. The 24" and 44" models are designed for photographers, artists and graphic designers, and offer extended color gamut via improved 8- and 10-ink systems. Read more

Epson introduces Wi-Fi Direct PictureMate PM-400 mini-inkjet printer

Epson has announced the PictureMate PM-400, a new addition to its PictureMate range of miniature inkjet printers. It features Wi-Fi Direct and is able to print from smartphones and tablets wirelessly even without a Wi-Fi hotspot. Read more

Epson introduces EcoTank printer range with two years of ink and low-cost refill bottles

That inkjet printer ink costs more than champagne is the frequent moan of anyone who has to replace their cartridges. Take heart though, as Epson has launched a range of printers called EcoTank that it claims will help users save 70% on home printing. The five new machines come with what Epson says is enough ink to last two years, and once empty the tanks can be refilled from a bottle instead of being replaced. Read more

Epson UK announces SC-P400, the smallest and lightest A3+ pigment printer on the market

Epson UK has announced a further model to the SC range of A3+ printers with the SC-P400, a printer it claims is smaller and lighter than any other A3+ pigment inkjet machine. Although no pricing has been released, the new model is said to be part of an 'affordable' package that includes the lowest cost pigment ink-set on the market. Read more

Epson International Pano Awards open for panoramic photographers

Entries are now being accepted for the Epson International Pano Awards competition that celebrates and rewards outstanding panoramic photography. In its sixth year, the contest which is sponsored by Epson Australia, has a prize fund of $50,000, including a single prize of $5,000 for the Jeff Mitchum Fine Art category. Read more

Epson launches A2 SureColor SC-P800 printer with UltraChrome HD inks

Printer manufacturer Epson has announced it will introduce an A2 printer that uses its new extended-life UltraChrome ink-set and will accept roll-fed paper via an optional roll holder. The professional photo printer will be able to produce prints of up to 17in high in panoramic formats as long as 1.1m/43.3in, as well as printing on thick art paper via a front media loader. Read more

Epson announces portable WF-100 wireless printer

Epson has announced the mobile WF-100 printer, claiming it to be the smallest printer on the market.

Epson launches Perfection V850 and V800 multi-format film scanners

Epson has announced a pair of high-end flatbed scanners that are capable of digitizing film in sizes of up to 10x8in. Replacing the Epson Perfection V750 and V700, which were introduced in February 2006, the Epson Perfection V850 and V800 will feature the same specification as the previous models, but will benefit from faster start-up and lower power consumption. Read more

Epson launches A3+ SC-P600 printer with ‘industry’s highest black density’

Epson has announced a new A3+ desktop inkjet printer aimed at the professional and semi-professional photographer that it claims is capable of producing a maximum black density of 2.8. According to Epson this beats all competitors’ A3+ machines that use 6 or more inks. The SureColor SC-P600 is part of Epson’s plan to introduce ten new professional printers to the market under the ‘Sure’ brand by 2016, and is the first SureColor model to be aimed at the photo market. Click through to read more.

Epson announces VS220 and VS320 budget projectors

Epson has announced the VS320 and VS220 budget projectors offering SVGA and XGA resolutions respectively. Both the lightweight models deliver 2700 lumens of color and white brightness and include features such as USB Plug ‘n Play, 3 inch LCDs and HDMI connectivity. The projectors are available at retail prices of $429 and $359 respectively.

Epson announces mass production of high-res electronic viewfinder LCD

Epson has said it is starting full production of its high-resolution SVGA LCD panel for use in electronic viewfinder cameras. The 1024 x 768 pixel screen sits alongside the company's existing 800 x 600 pixel display, as used in the Olympus OM-D and, we suspect, in Fujifilm's X100 and X-Pro1. The latest panel, unveiled at Photokina, offers the same 2.36m dot resolution as announced in the Fujifilm X100S. It'll be interesting to see how it compares to the Sony OLED display of the same resolution used in various Sony models and Fujifilm's X-E1.

Epson creates Ultimicron electronic viewfinder with 2.4m dot XGA resolution

Epson has developed a higher resolution, XGA version of its LCD panel used for electronic viewfinders. The latest version of the company's Ultimicron technology offers the same 2.4m dot resolution (1024 x 768 x 3) as the Sony OLED viewfinders used in recent Sony and Fujifilm cameras. SVGA (800 x 600 x 3) versions of Epson's technology are already used in the Olympus OM-D E-M5, along with add-on finders for Olympus, Ricoh and Leica cameras. This additional option for a high-resolution finder can only be positive for the next generation of mirrorless cameras.

Report: Around The Show, PPE 2011
The interviews are done, the pictures have been taken, the video footage is awaiting editing, and the dry sandwiches and warm coke have been consumed. We're heading home from PPE 2011 now, but here's a taste of some of the things that didn't quite make it into our other coverage.
Just Posted: Our Epson Stylus Photo R3000 review
We've just published our review of the Epson Stylus Photo R3000. The R3000 is the top of Epson's non-Pro photo inkjet lineup. It's a 13" / A3+ format printer with nine pigment-based inks that can handle a variety of media, including roll-fed paper and CD/DVDs as well as board up to 1.3mm thick. As with our multi-function printer group test, this review was produced in collaboration with Vincent Oliver of
Epson R3000 Review
It's now almost 10 years since Epson launched the Stylus Photo 2100. The SP2100 was an instant success due to its use of long lasting UltraChrome pigment inks which claimed a life of 200+ years. Many photographers were now ready to move out of the darkroom and fully embrace digital photography. The SP2100 set a new benchmark for digital photo printing. The quality of photos that this printer could produce was excellent: traditional wet chemistry process now had a serious rival. The SP2100 remained the de-facto choice that every serious photographer wanted. This was replaced some three years later by the R2400, followed by the R2800 and R2880. Other dye-ink based printers were also launched during this time, but for archival printing the only option is to use a pigment ink printer.
Epson releases NX430 'Small-in-One' combined printer, scanner and copier
Epson has announced the Stylus NX430 Small-in-One, a compact, wireless printer, scanner and copier. Without the print tray extended, the unit has a footprint of 39 x 30 cm (15.4 x 11.8"). It is able to scan at 2400 dpi and print at 5760 x 1440 dpi. It can print at a rate of 6.2 ppm for mono prints and 3.2 ppm in color (ISO standard ppm).
Epson & Thinxtream's PrintJinni to be available as a free app
Epson and software company Thinxtream Technologies have announced their PrintJinni mobile printing app will be available as a free application from the end of December. Currently priced at $6.99, the app for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad wirelessly connects Epson printers and allows preview and printing of images and documents.
Epson starts mass production of high-end EVF panels
Epson is claiming its new Ultimicron series of compact, high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) panels will allow electronic viewfinders to offer the 'resolution and fidelity' required to fully replace optical viewfinders on digital SLRs. The new panel, which has just gone into mass production, offers a similar 1.44MP resolution (800x600xRGB) to the class-leading viewfinders in Panasonic's DMC-G1/GH1, but uses a color filter to prevent color breakup when panning or shooting fast-moving objects. The poor performance of most existing EVF technology when compared to reflex viewfinders is a major barrier to the adoption of mirrorless interchangeable lens system cameras, and Epson obviously has high hopes for a market segment that's expected to grow significantly during 2010.
Epson releases PictureMate Charm photo printer
Epson has introduced the PictureMate Charm compact photo printer. With a print speed of 37 seconds for postcard size images, it sports a 2.5 inch LCD and memory card slots for a selection of media. It includes a built-in carry handle and an optional battery pack to enable portability. The printer features Auto Photo Correction and multiple print layout options. It will start shipping this month at a retail price of US $149.99.
Epson releases R-D1x rangefinder
Pre-PMA 2009: Epson has announced a new version of the R-D1 rangefinder on its Japanese website. The new R-D1x model maintains most of the features of the previous camera including a 6Mp APS-C sensor, but adds a larger 2.5" LCD screen, support for the higher-capacity SD-HC card format and a removable handgrip. Epson will start shipping the new rangefinder from April 2009, at a price to be confirmed.
Epson announces Stylus Photo R1900
Epson's A3+ printer line has received an upgrade with the Stylus Photo R1900, incorporating new UltraChrome Hi-Gloss2 Ink technology for enhanced color gamut, better skin tones and improved glossy finish. The new system replaces blue ink with orange in addition to modified magenta and yellow pigments and is said to offer 18,446,774 trillion colors - impressive stuff. The printer also features a new LUT (look up table) developed in conjunction with the Munsell Color Science Laboratory. The Epson Stylus Photo R1900 will be available from November 2007 at a price of £399.99, more after the jump.
Epson P-3000 and P-5000
Photokina 2006: Epson has announced the P-3000 and P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewers. Compared to previous models these new units feature better color response (thanks to a four color filter), Adobe RGB support, faster performance thanks to a new CPU, a modified control layout and a larger 4.0" LCD screen. The 40 GB P-3000 model should cost around $500, the 80 GB P-5000 model at $700.
Epson R-D1s Digital Rangefinder Camera
Epson Japan has today announced a subtly improved version of its unique R-D1 Digital Rangefinder Camera. Just like the R-D1 the R-D1s features the a six megapixel APS-C size sensor and supports Leica M and L mount lenses. New features include a 'Quick View' record review function, RAW+ JPEG support, Adobe RGB color space, image parameter control, long exposure noise reduction and higher playback magnification.
Epson Photo Fine Player P-4500
Epson Japan has today announced the third iteration of its Photo Fine Player 'Multimedia Storage Viewer'. This new version sports an 80 GB hard disk (the same as the P-4000), the same beautiful 3.8" VGA LCD screen, SD/CF slot and USB 2.0 interface. Improvements include a new image processing system with support for images of up to 30 megapixels, wider RAW format support, wider video format support (including MPEG-1/2/4 and DivX) and new display modes (including grouping by EXIF tag). The P-4500 will cost 75,000 YEN (approx. $640) when it goes on sale in Japan.
Epson P-4000 Multimedia Storage Viewer
Epson Japan has today announced an upgrade to the image viewer P-2000 which doubles the capacity. The P-4000, features a larger 80GB hard disk, 3.5-inch LCD and new higher powered 2600mAh battery, compared to the 2300mAh battery in the P-2000. The device can display JPEG files as well as RAW images from the Epson RD-1 and also play MPEG-4 movies at 640 x 480 pixels. The P-4000 also has slots for CompactFlash Type 2 and SD cards. The expected retail price in Japan is around ¥70,000 (approx $629). More information as we receive it.
Epson posts P-2000 firmware v2.04
Epson has today posted firmware version 2.04 for the P-2000 image viewer. The firmware update adds RAW file support for the Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D) and fixes a bug associated with the Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D (Dynax 7D). It also increases the processing time taken to identify SD cards.
Epson posts P-2000 firmware v02.02
Epson has posted a firmware update for the multimedia storage viewer the P-2000. Version 02.02 of the firmware now allows the 40GB hard drive to support JPEG images captured with digital SLRs that have image sensors up to 17.8 million pixels, such as the 16.7 megapixel Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II. Other changes include the addition of a histogram and RAW file support for a number of digital SLRs and the Canon PowerShot Pro 1.
Just posted! Epson P-2000 review
Just posted - our review of the Epson P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer, the successor - and huge upgrade to - the P-1000. With 40GB of storage, extended battery life, raw file and movie compatibility and a stunning, crystal-clear 212ppi screen, the P-2000 looks like the ultimate digital camera accessory. but is it? Read our full review to find out for yourself.
Epson P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer Review
Unveiled at Photokina, the Epson P-2000 is an upgrade to the P-1000 storage/viewer that adds an improved screen, wider file support, USB 2.0, a much bigger hard drive, better battery life and an SD card slot, plus numerous other enhancements. As well as offering 40GB of hard disk storage for your digital camera images and a stunning crystal-clear screen to view them on, the P-2000 can be used as a personal entertainment center', with support for AVI and QuickTime movies and MP3/AAC audio files. It can also display raw files from Epson, Canon and Nikon cameras. So is the P-2000 the ultimate digital camera accessory, and can it really replace a laptop when shooting in the field? Read on to find out; here's just a few of the headline features to whet your appetite;
Epson announces R-D1 availability
Epson has announced that the world's first digital rangefinder camera, the R-D1 is to begin shipping in the US on November 1 and is expected to cost around $2,999. The Epson R-D1, which is the first digital camera to use L- and M-mount lenses, conveys the classic feel of a rangefinder and offers 6.1 megapixelsm and an APS C-sized sensor.
Epson P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer
Post Photokina: Epson has launched the P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer which can store your images (it has a 40GB capacity), create slideshows and connect to a photo printer. The device has a large 3.8-inch Photo Fine LCD, which Epson says ‘ensures a sharp lifelike preview of recorded images unsurpassed by any other manufacturer’ and offers a resolution of 212 ppi. It can also playback movies, MP3 files and supports CompactFlash and SD memory cards.
Epson L500V
Epson's has announced its latest entry level camera in the shape of the five million pixel L500V. Controls are basic but the model sports a large 2.5-inch LCD screen, doing away with an optical viewfinder altogether. It has a 32MB internal memory and can take SD/MMC cards.
Epson PhotoPC L-410
Epson has today introduced the PhotoPC L-410 digital camera which features a four megapixel CCD sensor and three times optical zoom lens. This new camera extends Epson's range of digital cameras to three which include the PhotoPC L-300 and L-400 which were announced in April of last year. Naturally the L-410 supports direct printing via USB using the Print Image Matching II protocol (not stated however is whether it supports the more popular Direct Print).
First Epson R-D1 samples online

The Japanese IT news website Impress PC Watch has today posted a hands-on article with Epson's unique and unusual R-D1 rangefinder digital camera. This camera is a joint development between Epson and Cosina, it supports Leica M and L mount lenses and features a six megapixel APS size CCD sensor. The R-D1 was first revealed by Epson at PMA (behind glass), more detail and a full press release was published later. This new article (published in Japanese) is a hands-on with the R-D1 and contains a set of (fairly average) samples taken with the camera in combination with a range of different prime lenses.

Epson R-D1 Digital Rangefinder Camera

Shown only in prototype form and behind glass at PMA this year Epson has today fully revealed their R-D1 'Rangefinder Digital Camera'. This camera has come out of a collaboration between Epson and Cosina, it supports Leica M mount and L mount with an adapter and has a six megapixel APS size sensor with an output image size of 3008 x 2000 pixels (which sounds to me like the sensor used by Nikon in the D100 & D70). Epson's timing for this announcement is the 2004 Photo Expo to be held in Tokyo between 19th and 21st March. This announcement has received a lot of attention from the Japanese websites who have lots of images of the camera, see inside for links. UPDATE: Specifications added.

The 123di e-book bundled with Nikon and Epson

Pre-PMA 2004: Asimex/123di today announced a major bundling deal with both Nikon and Epson. The 123 of digital imaging Interactive e-book Version 2.0 will be bundled with selected cameras, printers and at events. This promotion covers most of South East Asia and Australia. Daren Tan, Manager of Asia Tech Office (Nikon Singapore): "This unique interactive e-book perfectly complements our digital cameras and scanners. It is very intuitive and gives instant access to in-depth background information, practical tips and useful techniques, illustrated by amazing graphics."

Epson Photo On Demand Televisions

CES 2004: This is definitely a first for DPReview, a TV!! Epson America has launched two new rear projection HDTV LCD televisions that allow users to print out digital photographs without the use of a PC. The Livingstation televisions enable users to view, print and store digital photos through the use of a universal remote control. Epson's LCD technology and Photo On Demand capability, along with slots for memory cards and a built-in dye sublimation printer, mean that users do not need a PC to make the most of their digital photos. Available from March 2004, the 47-inch model will retail for $3,499, and the 57-inch model for $3,999.

Epson P-1000 Photo Viewer

CES 2004: Epson has today announced the P-1000 Photo Viewer, a 10 GB storage unit with a large 3.8" VGA LCD display designed as an advanced portable digital photoframe. The P-1000 has a Compact Flash slot (other media supported via adapters) and TV out as well as connectivity to Epson Printers for direct print. But the features keep coming, the P-1000 can also be connected directly to a computer via USB for transfer or a USB CD writer for archival. This product has been available in Europe for some time.

Epson Rio PhotoPC Player

Seiko Epson Japan has today announced the Rio PhotoPC Player P-1000. It is a very interesting product because with the features it has, it could be used in place of PC. It has a new 3.8" "Photo Fine" TFT LCD, 1.8" 10GB hard disk of which 9GB is available, Type II Compact Flash slot with support for other cards using a CF adapter, USB direct print to a number of Epson printers and USB connection to CD-R/RW drives for archiving. It is expected to ship in the summer for approx. 70,000 Yen ($590, 545 Euros).

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