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User experience: In-depth look at Canon EOS 70D's Dual Pixel AF system

Following last week's update to the Canon EOS 70D preview, we've been spending a little more time with the camera to get a feel for its new Dual Pixel CMOS phase-detect autofocus system. What we've seen so far has impressed us: in live view the camera offers very responsive AF, eliminating the annoying focus seek we’ve seen in past models. We have a complete rundown, with samples, on how the Dual Pixel AF performs in both live view and movie mode, as well as a brief studio and low light analysis. Click through to read our review-in-progress.

Canon EOS 70D preview updated with studio & real-world samples

One of the hottest cameras of the year so far, the Canon EOS 70D won't be in stores for a few more weeks but we've got hold of an early beta sample, and Canon has let us post pictures from it. Not wanting to waste any time, we've been busily shooting with it for the past few days both in the studio and out in the real world, and we've added a lot to our previously-published preview. Click through for a link to the expanded preview, now including studio comparison pages and a large gallery of sample images.

Just posted: Our Canon EOS 70D hands-on preview

Just posted: Our hands-on preview of Canon's latest mid-range SLR, the EOS 70D. From the outside it looks very similar to the EOS 60D, but on the inside it sports a brand-new 'Dual Pixel CMOS AF' sensor that promises much-improved focusing in live view and movie mode. It also borrows most of the best bits of Canon's existing SLRs, including the AF module from the EOS 7D, the articulated touchscreen from the EOS 700D, and built-in Wi-Fi from the EOS 6D. In our detailed preview we take a closer look, and try to get to grips with its innovative sensor technology. Click through to read all about it.