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The first trailer for the Pete Souza documentary, 'The Way I See It,' has been released

The official trailer gives us a glimpse into what we can expect from the documentary on Pete Souza, the Former Chief Official White House Photographer for presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.

Video: Netflix makes its Platon documentary episode free on Youtube

The 45-minute episode is one of 14 episodes in its Abstract: The Art of Design docuseries and follows Platon as he photographs former National Security Advisor and retired four-star general Colin Powell.

Watch 'My Friends Were Mountaineers', a film about photographer Dee Molenaar

Dee Molenaar, a photographer, artist and icon in the Pacific Northwest mountaineering community passed away recently at the age of 101. Filmmaker and DPReview collaborator Eric Becker spent some time with Dee and his children before he died, and created a short film about Dee’s inspirational life. Watch it exclusively here.

Video: Cinema5D shares more exclusive BTS video of the Fujifilm GFX 100 being built, launched

Cinema5D is black with part two of its documentary series that shares an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the work Fujifilm has put into developing, engineering and launching its 100-megapixel GFX 100 mirrorless camera system.

'Everybody Street' documentary free streaming options arrive on YouTube, Prime Video

The short documentary, shot by photographer Cheryl Dunn, 'pays tribute to the spirit of street photography through a cinematic exploration of New York City

FRAMES, Chapter 1: What it's like shooting a 24-hour endurance car race

Follow professional motorsport photographer Jamey Price as he photographs one of the most prestigious endurance car races in the world: the TOTAL 24-hours of Spa in Belgium.

Frozen Warriors: Capturing the mighty musk ox in its natural habitat

Photographer Chris Schmid recently embarked on an ambitious project to document one of the most resilient animals on Earth: the musk ox. He hopes his film and photos will highlight this arctic animal's plight, and raise awareness around the effects of climate change.

Photographing in Daulatdia: The world's largest brothel town

Documentary photographer Giora Dan describes his experience taking portraits in the world's largest brothel town in Daulatdia, Bangladesh for the Save the Children organization.

National Geographic photographer shares heart-wrenching video of starving polar bear

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen and the Sea Legacy team were filming through tears, as they documented some of the final hour of a starving polar bear's life. The resulting video is haunting.

Video: Meet the 'camera whisperer' who fixes cameras nobody else can

49-year-old David Hilos is known by the Singapore photography community as the 'camera whisperer.' When a service center says a camera is beyond repair, Hilos can usually coax it back to life.

'Camera Master' Gian Luigi Carminati has been repairing cameras for almost 60 years

A short video introduces Gian Luigi Carminati, a 76-year-old technician from Italy, who has been repairing analog cameras for nearly 60 years. Watch the video

Festival Friendly: The Canon G7 X Mark II at Sasquatch! 2016

DPReview staffer Carey Rose just returned from the Sasquatch! Music Festival in George, WA with Canon's revamped G7 X Mark II in tow. With a new processor and some design tweaks, it could be a real winner for people who are serious about everyday photography. Click through to find out how it fared. Read more

The Long Night: Tim Matsui on creating social change through stories

Award-winning and Emmy-nominated visual journalist and filmmaker Tim Matsui used to view stories as a means of having experiences. Now, he sees them as a means of creating change, engaging audiences and helping them see that they can make a difference. In this PIX 2015 video, Matsui speaks on The Long Night, his documentary on human trafficking, and how he leveraged grassroots distribution to effect social change. Read more

The Long Journey of 'The Long Night': Tim Matsui's work to document underage sex trafficking in the US

We spoke with photographer and multimedia artist Tim Matsui last year about the making of his feature documentary, The Long Night. A year later the film has won some of the top awards in photojournalism and the work hasn't stopped for Matsui. We caught up with him again to discuss what it took to make and distribute this film and what comes next for him. Read more

Call for entries: Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor documentary prize

The Center for Documentary Studies is now accepting submissions for the 2014 Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize. For nearly twenty-five years this competition has provided money to 'encourage collaboration between documentary writers and photographers in the tradition of acclaimed photographer Dorothea Lange and writer and social scientist Paul Taylor'. Learn more

World Press Photo Multimedia winners announced

The winners of the 2014 World Press Photo Multimedia contest have been announced and the work represents a staggering array of subjects and documentary styles. The international jury selected first, second and third place winners in three categories: Short Feature, Long Feature and Interactive Documentary. Learn more

Meet 'The Archivist' at National Geographic

Ever wonder who looks after at all the old photographs in National Geographic's archive? Well, now you can meet that man. His name is Bill Bonner and they call him 'The Archivist'. For 31 years he's worked mostly by himself in the basement of National Geographic’s Washington, D.C. headquarters and has handled hundreds of thousands of photographs. In total, Bonner is responsible for about eight million images in the vintage collection. See the video

John Stanmeyer wins World Press Photo of the Year

American photographer John Stanmeyer's image of migrants on the shore of Djibouti city raising their cell phones attempting to capture a signal from neighboring Somalia was named World Press Photo of the Year. The picture also won first prize in the Contemporary Issues category. Stanmeyer of the VII Photo Agency was on assignment for National Geographic when he shot the photograph. Learn more

Humans of New York: Behind the scenes with Brandon Stanton

Photographer Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York Project has been around for a few years now and has been featured in the media quite a bit. The latest video of Stanton, made for Facebook's 10th anniversary, is a revealing look at how he interacts with his subjects. He's jovial. He's conversational. But most of all, he's human – and it shows through in his images. See video

2014 Sony World Photography Awards finalists revealed

The shortlist for the Sony World Photography Awards has been announced in the Professional, Open, and Youth categories. Photographers from 166 countries submitted nearly 140,000 images, the highest number of entries in the awards' seven year history. The winners of the Open and Youth categories will be announced on March 18. Professional category winners will be announced April 30. See gallery

Iconic photographer Don McCullin on war and landscapes

Many have seen Don McCullin's haunting pictures of conflict, but few have heard his own thoughts on his acclaimed career. Created by photographer David Sims for the Dunhill 'Voices' campaign, for three minutes and twenty seconds we are taken into the mind of one this generation's most iconic photographers. 'The majority of the last 50 years of my life has been wasted photographing wars. What good have I done showing these pictures of suffering', McCullin says. See video

Russian Mother captures atmospheric photos of sons on farm

Elena Shumilova's atmospheric photographs show a special bond between her sons Yaroslav and Vanya and their animals, on the family farm in rural Russia. Her images are deliberately dreamlike and highly evocative, capturing the bond between her young sons and their animal playmates. See gallery

Tamas Dezso offers glimpse into post-Communist Romania

Tamas Dezso is a fine art documentary photographer based in Budapest. Since 2011 he has been documenting the disintegration of former Communist Romania's infrastructure in a series of photographs called 'Notes for an Epilogue'. In his own words, the purpose of the project is to 'render a world which may disappear forever imperceptibly and very rapidly due to the transitional nature of the [Communist] era'. See gallery

Wyoming's stunning weather and landscapes in time-lapse

Photographer Nicolaus Wegner's dedication to his craft has produced a captivating time-lapse video of the wild weather and beautiful landscapes of his home state. In the 14 months it took him to complete his Wyoming Wildscapes II project, he saw it all — from meteor showers, to lightning across hills and prairies, and 60mph winds. Watch video

Mount St. Helens images found decades later

New images of Washington's Mount St. Helens have been recently discovered. Reid Blackburn, a staff photographer for the The Columbian newspaper, took photographs in a flight over the volcano in April 1980. When he got back to the paper's studio his roll was set aside and never developed. Until now. Learn more

In photos: The beauty of bees

Biologist Sam Droege of the USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program has turned the work of documenting bee species into an art form. His rare and extremely detailed look at these insects provides an online reference catalog to help researchers identity native bee species across North America. See gallery

In photos: Flowing fins of Siamese fighting fish

Thai photographer Visarute Angkatavanich has created a stunning series of close-up portraits of Siamese fighting fish. With simple backgrounds and dramatic lighting, the images show off the species' vivid colors and graceful fins. Siamese fighting fish, also known as Betta, now days are a popular aquarium fish. See gallery

Art of Building contest: Vote for your favorite photo

An eerie view from Alcatraz, the use of child labor in India and a symbol of the Soviet Union’s past industrial rush are some of the finalists in this year's international Art of Building photography competition run by the Chartered Institute of Building. A panel of judges shortlisted 15 images. Now the contest turns to you to decide the winner. Learn more

TIME's top photos of the year

Each year TIME picks 10 images from 10 photographers to represent some of top news stories of the year. From the massacre at the Westgate Mall in Kenya, the Boston Marathon bombings, to the recent typhoon in the Philippines, the collection highlights the work of seasoned photojournalists. Learn more

In Photos: Family business documented shipwrecks

The National Maritime Museum in London recently acquired a dramatic shipwreck photo collection from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. John Gibson started a family photography business in the 1860s and took his first photograph of a shipwreck in 1869. His family has created some of the most evocative images of misadventure at sea over the last 125 years. See gallery

In Photos: Portraits of the living legends of blues

Since 2008, photographer Lou Bopp has made regular trips down Mississippi's Route 61 — known as 'The Blues Highway' — to document the lives of unknown musicians who have made important contributions to the classic American musical genre. In this work, he recorded the juke joints, roadhouses, and the culture that has supported Mississippi Delta style blues. See gallery

Classic photographs recreated in Lego

Video game programer Mike Stimpson loves Lego. He also loves photography. Combining his two passions has resulted in a series of fascinating images that recreate iconic photographs with Lego blocks. From Henri Cartier-Bresson to W. Eugene Smith, see if you can recognize the classic images. See gallery 

Award-winning wildlife photos capture candid moments

An owl in mid-flight, a polar bear peering from under icy waters, to a monkey being blasted by snow are some of the winning images from this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Elephants surrounding a watering hole in Botswana by South African photographer Greg du Toit was the overall winner. See gallery 

Robert Capa speaks for himself: 'The camera was far above my head'

'If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough', said famed photographer Robert Capa. He was certainly close enough to take his iconic 'Falling Solider' photograph during the Spanish Civil War. In a recently discovered radio interview from the 1940s, Capa explains how he took the photo that many have since alleged was staged. Learn more

RAF photos of the year gives glimpse of high-flyer life

The Royal Air Force's annual photographic competition invites photographers employed in the service of the RAF to submit photos in eleven categories. Winners are recognized in an awards ceremony and finalists' photos are available for viewing online. Take a look at a selection of our favorites. The images are a captivating peek inside the RAF on the ground and in the sky. See gallery

'Rising Waters' documents Superstorm Sandy devastation

A year ago this week Superstorm Sandy devastated the New York area. The Museum of the City of New York looks back in an exhibition featuring images taken by professional photographers and everyday people. The inclusion of so many images by novice photographers, both in the exhibition and in media at the time of the storm, is an indication of the power of today's 'citizen journalists'. See gallery

Niki Feijen's haunting images of abandoned houses

Dutch photographer and urban exploration specialist Niki Feijen goes behind "do not enter" signs on dilapidated houses to document furniture, clothes, and other ornaments left behind by their former owners. His eerie HDR images reveal remnants of life in rooms across western Europe that are now left to decay. Frozen in time, it's hard not to imagine the people that once occupied the spaces. See gallery

Aesthetics versus truth: DW Akademie examines ethics of retouching

How do you balance the demands of aesthetics and documentary truth? Image manipulation of documentary photographs is nothing new, but it is certainly much easier now than ever before. DW Akadamie has published a feature examining the challenges faced by photojournalists and picture editors in creating attractive and atmospheric images, without compromising their authenticity. Click through for extracts from the article, images and a link to the full feature at

Penguin 'spy' cams help BBC filmmakers create a fascinating documentary

A new BBC documentary uses tiny disguised cameras to take an intimate look at the lives of penguins. Wildlife producer John Downer and his team shot 'Penguins: Spy in the Huddle' with fifty 'spy cameras' disguised as rocks, eggs and even penguins themselves. The team shot footage of Emperor penguins in Antarctica, Rockhopper penguins on the Falkland Islands and Humboldt penguins in the Atacama Desert near the Peru-Chile border. Click through for photos, video and more information about the cameras.