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Sigma releases update on the development of its three-layer full-frame Foveon image sensor

Sigma's full-frame Foveon sensor has been years in the making. After originally anticipating a 2020 release for a new full-frame Sigma camera, Sigma restarted development from scratch. Now, Sigma has announced the much-anticipated Foveon sensor has reached the prototype evaluation development stage.

OM Digital Solutions announces development of 20mm F1.4 and 40-150mm F4.0 PRO lenses, updates lens roadmap

OM Digital Solutions has revealed it's developing two new PRO series lenses for Micro Four Thirds camera systems and has updated its lens roadmap to highlight three new upcoming lenses.

The CP800 is a modular, all-in-one film processing machine from FilmNeverDie

The Compact Processor 800 is a modular film processing machine that can develop up to eight rolls of 35mm film or four rolls of 120 film at a time and pulls chemistry from integrated tanks.

Sigma GM reveals a new DG DN Sports zoom lens is being developed

Yasuhiro Osone, General Manager of the Product Planning Department at Sigma, revealed the news in a mirrorless lens development live stream shared earlier today.

Ilford Photo Darkroom Guide video series reveals printing techniques and more for beginners

The are piles of educational videos on the Ilford Photo YouTube channel for those wanting to get into black and white film photography and those who just need a refresher.

Canon purchases new supercomputer system to further its 'no-prototype' product development ambitions

Fujitsu has announced that Canon recently ordered a new supercomputer system in order to advance Canon's 'no-prototype' product development plans. Aided by a class-leading supercomputer, Canon hopes to be able to quickly analyze and iterate upon products in development without needing to produce real-world prototypes.

Historic chemicals producer, Tetenal, has roared back to life with new online shop

Throughout 2018 and early 2019, Tetenal Europe faced imminent demise. An employee-led buyout saved the firm in the 2019 and Tetenal has relaunched with an online store and is actively developing new products.

CineStill's new developer kits make it easier than ever to creatively control slide film development

The new 3-bath reversal kits include a trio of new 1st developers that offer a range of color and contrast profiles to create three different looks from the same film stock

Video: How to make film developing chemicals using supplies in your home

Photographer Brendan Barry is back with another tutorial, this one on developing photos at home using coffee, vitamin C, washing soda and salt.

Tetenal to offer 'Magic-Box' single-roll film developing kits for testing the waters

One-roll pre-measured kits to become available from the new Tetenal 1847 company, for those wanting a single dose of C-41 or E6 chemistry. A kit for paper is also on the way, as is tablet-form chemicals

Fujifilm teases development of X-Pro3 with titanium body, mini rear LCD, hidden display and more

Fujifilm has revealed extensive detail about its forthcoming X-Pro3 model in a development announcement at its Fujifilm X Summit in Tokyo, Japan.

Ricoh is developing a flagship APS-C DSLR set to be released in 2020

Ricoh has stated that it's developing a new flagship APS-C DSLR that it'll preview later this month and expects to bring to market in 2020.

Costco says it will close the photo departments at several stores in April

Costco will start shutting down the photo departments at a number of its locations across the United States.

CineStill launches powdered versions of its B&W and color film development kits

CineStill's new powdered film development kits are easier to store, cheaper to ship and cost less than their liquid counterparts.