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Delkin Devices launches CFexpress Type A cards, joining Sony and ProGrade

Delkin Devices has announced two CFexpress Type A memory cards, becoming the third manufacturer to support the compact, speedy storage format.

Delkin BLACK USB 3.0 Rugged Memory Card Reader offers microSD, CF and SD slots

This is the first rugged memory card reader offering both microSD and SD UHS-II card slots in a single device, according to Delkin. 

Delkin introduces USB 3.0 multi-slot card reader that includes CFast port

Delkin's new DDreader-48 uses a USB 3.0 interface and can facilitate data rates of up to 500MB/s with CFast 2.0, SD UHS-ll and microSD UHS-l memory cards. Read more

Delkin introduces new 'Black' range of rugged SD cards

Delkin has introduced a new trio of rugged SD cards suitable for photographers who shoot in harsh environments, reducing the odds of losing photographs because of card damage. Delkin's new 'Black' SD cards are designed to handle extreme temperatures, as well as exposure to dust, water, and crushing forces. Read more

Delkin shows off its award-winning products
Delkin showed some interesting new products - and a few familiar ones - at PMA 2008. The ImageRouter is a daisy-chainable four slot CompactFlash reader which is designed to offer the busy professional a more efficient method of transferring large amounts of data from multiple cards. The Dual Universal Charger shouldn't require much explanation; it has two charging positions and may be adapted to a plethora of different battery designs through the use of customized charging plates. The SensorScope inspection and cleaning solution gets an overhaul for 2008 and for those to whom exterior condition is as important as the image itself the Snug-it Pro camera skin range will keep easily-damaged casings from attracting knocks and scrapes. Media-wise, Delkin now has SSD (Solid State Drive) hard-drive replacements in ExpressCard 34 format and capacities of 4, 8 or 16 GB. Additionally flash media is now available in 16 GB capacity as 305x CF or Class 6 SDHC. Last but not least, there are new Pop-up LCD shades for the Canon EOS 40D.
Delkin UDMA FireWire 800 CompactFlash reader
Delkin now has a CompactFlash reader compatible with both UDMA and FireWire 400/800, promising maximum download speeds over 45MB per second. The new reader is Mac OS X and Windows compatible and is equally happy with Type I and II CompactFlash media as well as MicroDrives. The reader is shipping now and should be available in stores soon for $89.99 (£49.99)
Delkin Cardbus reader
Pre-PMA 2007: Hot on the heels of it's new Expresscard readers as outlined above Delkin also has an update to an old favourite; the Cardbus CompactFlash adapter. Tearing along at up to 40MB/s, this new device should satisfy even the busiest (or most impatient) photographer. Supporting the latest UDMA specification for Compactflash, users with older cards should not feel left out as it is fully compatible with earlier types too.
Delkin launches Expresscard readers
Pre-PMA 2007: Delkin have today launched two new card readers based on the Expresscard architecture, promising transfer speeds up to 33MB/s. The two devices, a CompactFlash-only reader and a 6-in-1 multi-format reader, are useable with both PC and Mac. As well as supporting the latest UDMA media, the CF adapter is backward-compatible with earlier standards of CF (I and II) and Microdrives whilst the 6-in-1 card will accept SD/SDHC/MMC/MS/MS Pro and xD cards.
Delkin ExpressCard 34 CF adapter
Photokina 2006: Delkin Devices has announced the first ever ExpressCard 34 Compact Flash adapter which enables high speed transfer of files to and from Compact Flash cards, up to 20 MB/sec. The new adapter is compatible with both PC and Mac computers fitted with an ExpressCard slot (34 or 54 mm) and requires no drivers (Windows XP / Mac OS 10.4.x or higher). The ExpressCard 34 is priced at $60 and should be available in mid-October.
Delkin has announced support for its CardBus 32 CompactFlash adapter for Tiger (Mac OS 10.4.x). The eFilm PRO adapter takes CompactFlash type I and II cards and offers laptop and notebook users image transfer that surpasses a FireWire reader on a desktop PC. In fact, it's almost four times faster than standard PCMCIA cards.
Delkin Expands Battery and Card Reader line

Pre-PMA 2004: Delkin has announced an expanded line of digital camera and camcorder batteries. Among the products is the eFilm RCR-V3 digital camera battery. Many of today’s digital cameras are powered by two or four AA batteries, or in their place one or two of the popular CR-V3 batteries. Delkin’s RCR-V3 provides a rechargeable alternative in a Lithium Ion battery. Delkin’s broad line of memory card reader/writers was expanded with the introduction of the new USB 2.0 Reader-29, the only device on the market that will read and write to Secure Digital, Mini Secure Digital, MultiMedia and Reduced Sized Multimedia without the need for an adapter.

Delkin Expands eFilm PRO Card line

Pre-PMA 2004: Delkin has announced new additions to its high-speed eFilm PRO Card line. Initial eFilm SD PRO Card capacities will be 256MB and 512MB (with SD PRO 1GB coming in Q2) and are expected to be among the fastest Secure Digital memory cards on the market. Transfer rate speeds up to 10 MB/s can be achieved. Delkin is also increasing the storage capacities to their eFilm CompactFlash (CF) PRO Cards for high-end SLR digital cameras. High-capacities of 1 and 2 Gigabytes (GB) now join the existing PRO Card line up. The MSRP for the SD PRO 512MB is $ 299.00, with the 256MB at $ 129.00. MSRP for the CF 2GB is $ 649.99 and 1GB at $ 339.00

Delkin CardBus Adapter SD and MS

Pre-PMA 2004: As we predicted in November last year Delkin will be selling the new Aska MS32A and SD32A as their own CardBus SD and MS adapters. These new adapters should provide the highest possible transfer speed from Secure Digital / MMC or Memory Stick. We tested the CardBus CF adapter in October of last year and were impressed, it was four times faster than a traditional PCMCIA adapter and was even faster than Firewire readers. With the increase of the use of SD in digital SLR's I am sure the CardBus SD adapter will become very popular.

Delkin CardBus CF adapter tested

We have just received and tested Delkin's CardBus CF adapter (and OEM ASKA SpeedOver CF32A). This compact flash adapter offers laptop and notebook users (Windows only at this time) image transfer performance which actually beats a FireWire card reader on a desktop PC. Anyone who has used a standard PCMCIA adapter will know how slow these devices are, in our tests the new CardBus CF adapter from Delkin was almost four times faster than a standard PCMCIA adapter.

Delkin CardBus CF adapter

Back in May we reported on the Aska Corp CF32A Compact Flash CardBus PCMCIA adapter, at that time it was a Japan only product. Today Delkin has announced their own CardBus PCMCIA adapter which promises high speed transfer from Compact Flash cards for Notebook users. Delkin's own tests suggest a transfer speed of up to 5.5 MB/sec using the eFilm PRO CardBus PCMCIA adapter, almost five times faster than a standard Compact Flash PCMCIA adapter.

Delkin FireWire Reader/Writer for CompactFlash

Delkin is now shipping a FireWire Reader/Writer for CompactFlash digital memory cards. Delkin’s new external tabletop eFilm FireWire Reader/Writer (Reader-24) is designed for high-end digital photography enthusiasts and professionals who want to dramatically speed workflow. The contents from CompactFlash Type I, Type II and Microdrives can be downloaded to a computer in seconds, and you can write back to the card as well. The Reader-24 is powered via the FireWire cable, so it doesn't require any external power connections, is plug-and-play and works with any PC or Mac with a FireWire port.

Delkin announces eFilm PicturePAD

Delkin Devices has today announced the 'eFilm PicturePAD', the PicturePAD is a portable storage and display device for digital photography and appears to be an OEM Nixvue Vista. The PicturePAD has a 1.8 inch LCD monitor which is used to navigate menus and display images, the built-in CompactFlash slot is used to transfer images from CF (or other formats with an adapter) to the internal hard drive. The PicturePAD initially will be available in 20 and 30 GB capacities. The MSRP for the 20GB model is $549.

Delkin shipping 6-in-1 reader/writer

Delkin Devices are now shipping their USB 6-in-1 card reader/writer. The 6-in-1 reader/writer supports CompactFlash (Type I or II), IBM Microdrive (CF Type II), SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard, SD and Sony MemoryStick. Because the unit complies to the 'mass storage device' standard it does not need drivers for most modern operating systems which understand this protocol. Drivers are included for other operating systems.

Delkin Devices ship 224MB CF type II
Delkin are now shipping their largest capacity flash memory CF type II card, a 224MB whopper. We covered this story originally back on the 27th July when they announced shipment of an 80MB card, now with this much larger capacity 224MB card it begs the question who needs a microdrive? Erm anyone looking for cheaper storage, this baby retails at $999, a 340MB microdrive is around $500...
Delkin Devices Introduces the Highest Capacity CompactFlash Card On the Market, new 128MB CompactFlash card. We previously reported on Delkins announcement of up to 80MB (soon to be 224MB) CF type II cards, this 128MB monster is a type I card which means it will work in the majority of CF digital cameras.
Delkin Devices first to ship new CF Type 2 cards
Delkin Devices introduces the first CompactFlash type II cards on the market. New thicker card will be standard in next generation digital cameras, PDA's and Audio MP3 players. Advantages to consumers include higher capacity in small form factor.