Articles tagged "counterfeit"

Chinese government rules in favour of Alpa in counterfeit cameras case

The photo industry may be able to take some hope from this case in which Alpa was able to secure damages from a Chinese company producing fakes and copies of its cameras.

Gary Fong warns of counterfeit Lightsphere flash diffusers

Gary Fong has published a video detailing how counterfeit light diffusers are being sold by malicious sellers through online retailers such as Amazon.

Canon wins lawsuit against eBay sellers accused of peddling counterfeit batteries

Canon USA takes down two eBay sellers accused of selling counterfeit batteries using the company's trademarks.

Fujifilm issues advisory after discovering counterfeit 35mm rolls of Fujifilm-branded film

Fujifilm has issued an advisory after it discovered counterfeit rolls of film bearing the ‘Fujifilm’ brand have been discovered.

Nikon confirms some counterfeit EN-EL15b batteries were sold by authorized retailers

A friendly reminder that sometimes even authorized retailers can obtain and resell counterfeit camera equipment, so stay vigilant.