Articles tagged "copyrights"

Small claims copyright court CASE Act bill passed by US Senate Judiciary Committee

First introduced in May, the Senate Senate Judiciary Committee has passed the Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act legislation.

Singer Ariana Grande now requires photographers to transfer full image copyrights

Musician Ariana Grande has come under fire for her far-reaching contract that includes 'all copyrights' for photos captured at her concerts.

Judge rules RNC didn't violate photographer's copyright with unauthorized image use

Montana judge Dana L. Christensen has ruled the Republican National Committee did not infringe upon the copyright of photographer Erika Peterman after they took a photo from a Democratic candidate's Facebook page without permission and altered it to use in a derogatory promotional mailer.

Kodak's photo service KodakIt criticized for stripping photographers of copyrights

Eastman Kodak subsidiary KodakIt is facing criticism regarding its overreaching rights policies.