Articles tagged "compression"

JPEG Committee explores using AI and blockchain tech for image compression

The tech could 'significantly' improve compression efficiency and help improve the trust of JPEGs in a world where fake news is an increasing problem.

Twitter rolls out Live Photo support on iOS, improved JPEG compression

Twitter has added support for Live Photos on iOS devices and improved its compression algorithm for JPEGs, which should dramatically improve image quality.

JPEGmini brings its image compression plug-in to Capture One 12

Previously reserved for use as a standalone app and a plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop, JPEGmini's image compression program is now available as a plug-in for Capture One 12.

JPEGmini Pro can now handle 128MP files, perfect for medium format users

Image compression software JPEGmini Pro was just updated to handle files up to 128MB. They're calling it "The 1 Feature Hasselblad Owners Actually Need."

Byte sized: JPEGmini claims no loss of perceptual quality, up to 80% smaller files

Most of us think of image compression as a necessary evil. It makes our files more manageable, but reduces the quality of our images and can undo the incremental benefits of buying more pixels and better lenses. But can better compression make file sizes even smaller without any extra image quality cost? Beamr, the company behind the JPEGmini application, thinks it's possible. Read more

Video compression, codecs and transcoding

We need video compression to handle the massive data we get from a 1080p video stream but on the flip side, video compression reduces the possible image quality we can get. This article helps you better understand how we deal with the implications of compressed data.