Articles tagged "ces-2020"

The Autel Evo II will come in three modular models, including two with 8K video

Autel has officially announced 3 iterations of the EVO II drone at CES 2020.

Hands-on with the Nikon Nikkor Z 70-200mm F2.8 S

Nikon's just-announced Z 70-200mm F2.8 S looks like a powerful option for Z-series photographers. We got our hands on an early working sample at CES.

SanDisk reveals 8TB SSD prototype and Ultra Dual Drive Luxe 1TB flash drive

In addition to showing off a prototype drive, SanDisk has introduced a high-end flash drive packing 1TB of storage and both USB-C and USB-A connectors.

Lenovo unveils 21.5" Smart Frame wall screen for displaying digital images and artwork

Lenovo's newly unveiled Smart Frame wall display makes it easy to display an album of digital images in the home and office.

Shiftcam add-on lens cases are now available for Apple's iPhone 11 models

The Shiftcam cases come with integrated lens sliders that expand the lens choice of the iPhone camera.

OmniVision’s new OV48C mobile sensor captures 48MP stills, 4K60 video

The new 48MP sensor is made with flagship mobile devices in mind, with the ability to capture 48MP stills at up to 15 fps and 4K/60 video with extra information for electronic image stabilization.

OWC launches ThunderBay 8, ThunderBay FLEX 8 storage solutions with Thunderbolt 3

OWC's latest ThunderBay products include a 3-in-1 storage solution and a new 8-bay Thunderbolt 3 dock that can be used to create a personal data center.

PowerVision to launch PowerEgg X AI camera for drones at CES

PowerVision will launch its PowerEgg X, an all-in-one smart camera, at CES this coming week.