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Film Friday: Brendan Barry turns a canal boat into a giant floating camera

Brendan Barry is known for his crazy DIY camera contraptions, but this floating camera obscura might just take the cake for the most interesting.

Video: Brendan Barry makes 20" x 24" wildflower image using camera obscura and color reversal process

On regular neighborhood walks with his daughter, photographer and camera-maker Brendan has been amassing an impressive collection of wildflowers. Now, he's making near-life-size prints of them using a camera obscura and his color reversal process.

Photographer Brendan Barry creates a giant camera obscura using a customs house

Brendan Barry has a lot of experience with creating analog cameras in interesting places, including a project earlier this year in which he turned a shed into a camera. Barry was recently commissioned to create a camera obscura using a room at the Custom House in Exeter, U.K.

Video: How one photographer turned his backyard shed into a camera and darkroom

Photographer and DIY camera master Brendan Barry shares what went into converting his backyard shed into a camera and darkroom.

Video: How to turn any room in your house into a giant camera

Stuck at home with not very much to do due to stay-at-home directives or quarantines? Here's how to use some old and odd lenses to turn your room into a camera.

UK photographer transforms shipping container into camera and darkroom

Technically, it's an all-in-one camera system that can deliver prints. But don't expect them to be instant and plan on having a parking lot on hand to put it in.

NYC's iconic 101 Park Avenue skyscraper was turned into a giant camera last month

Photographer Brendan Barry turned New York City's 101 Park Avenue skyscraper into a massive camera obscura to capture incredible images of the NYC skyline.