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Camera-friendly Canadian airport cuts holes in perimeter fence for aviation photographers

What must be the world's most camera-friendly airport has set out locations all around its perimeter fence specifically so photographers can get all the best angles unhindered by wires.

Air Koryo's aging airliners are beautiful, scary time-capsules

Air Koryo started flying in 1952, and much of its current fleet still dates from the 1960s. Danish commercial photographer Arthur Mebius has taken 24 flights on some of its oldest airplanes, so you don't have to.

Vantage Point: The aviation photography of Jon Pece

'Some people use a tripod,' laughs Jon Pece, 'I used a KC-135 as a camera support.' The photographer has been afforded a unique perspective thanks to a long career as a military and commercial pilot. With his camera at his side and an eye for graphic elements and repeating patterns, Pece has produced a stunning portfolio of meticulous scenics. Read our Q&A and check out his work. See gallery

Aviation photography offers a great way to expand your portfolio of images with some dynamic shots. In this article, Rob Neil, photographer and editor of Pacific Wings magazine explains the basics for capturing great images of both moving and static aircraft.