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Rare Leica 24x24mm prototype sells for nearly $700,000 at Wetzlar Camera Auction

The fourth Wetzlar Camera Auction recently ended. Of the 256 lots, a Leica M Prototype 24x24mm camera sold for the highest hammer price. With the buyer's premium, the camera sold for nearly $700,000.

Rare Canon FD 24mm F1.4 S.S.C. Aspherical lens poised to fetch more than $15,000 at auction

The Canon FD 24mm F1.4 S.S.C. Aspherical was the fastest 24mm lens when it launched in 1975. Despite being mass-produced, the lens is quite rare today and remains highly sought-after due to its image quality and utility for cinema.

Oskar Barnack's 0-Series Leica prototype camera sold for a record-setting $15M at auction

Oskar Barnack's personal Leica 0-Series prototype camera was expected to sell for up to $3M at the 40th Leitz Photographica Auction. This past weekend, the camera significantly exceeded expectations and sold for just over $15M, breaking the previous record set in 2018 by a different 0-Series prototype camera.

Man Ray's famous photo, 'Le Violon d'Ingres,' sells at auction for a record-setting $12.4 million

Man Ray's 1924 photograph Le Violon d'Ingres recently sold for $12.4 million, making it the most expensive photograph ever.

6 Leica cameras made for the Swedish military in the 1950s are up for auction

If you want to own a piece of Leica history, now is your chance. The Swedish auction house, Auctionet, has listed six Leica cameras up for sale. Leica built each camera for the Swedish military in the 1950s, and five of them come with matching Elmar lenses.

Film Friday: This rare Leica 16mm prototype camera is expected to fetch over $3M at auction

Over sixty years after this camera was prototyped at its headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany, a collection of various prototype models and components is expected to go up for auction at the 40th Leitz Photographica Auction.

Rare 0-Series Leica camera owned by Oskar Barnack expected to fetch over $2.6M at auction

The camera is one of just 23 0-Series units manufactured and was personally owned and used by Oskar Barnack, the inventor of 35mm still photography, before being passed down to his son, Conrad.

Modified Soviet spy camera designed to shoot through walls is up for auction

A specially-modified Zorki-4 rangefinder camera is up for sale in Bulgaria. The Soviet-era spy camera was designed to capture photos through drilled holes in walls. If you want to own an unusual and rare piece of Soviet history, now's your chance.

A €120,000 Zeiss Ikon rifle and €1.2M Leica MP headlined the 39th Leitz Photographica Auction

Last month, we wrote about the upcoming 39th Leitz Photographica Auction. It has since finished, and there were some huge hammer prices for many items, including a rare Zeiss Ikon Contax rifle and a very are black Leica MP Black Paint No. 55 camera.

39th Leitz Photographica Auction will include rare Leica MP, prototype prime & much more

The 39th edition of the Leitz Photographica Auction will take place next month in Austria. The auction includes many rare cameras and lenses, including a stunning Leica MP, a very rare prototype lens and much more interesting equipment from photography's storied past.

World’s longest AF SLR lens, the Canon EF 1200mm F5.6, comes up for sale at auction in Germany

Could it hit $200,000? Quite possibly. The Canon EF1200mm f/5.6 L USM is an extremely rare beast, but one is coming to auction in October this year

Rare Zeiss Planar 50mm F0.7 lens designed for NASA could fetch $150,000 at auction

In 1966, Zeiss designed a 50mm F0.7 lens for NASA for its Apollo missions. Zeiss made only 10 of these lenses, six of which went to NASA. One of these lenses is now up for auction by Leitz Photographica Auction, and organizers believe the lens could sell for nearly $150,000.

Fire-damaged and unusable Leica M4 and Summicron lens sells for around $2,000

Some cameras are worth money to collectors even when they can't be used to capture photos. A charred Leica M4 and Summicron 50mm F2 lens recently sold at auction in the United Kingdom for over $2,000 USD.

Collection of photographs by William Henry Fox Talbot, among the world's first, sells for nearly $2M

William Henry Fox Talbot was a pioneer of photography. An incredibly rare collection of images, which Talbot had originally given to his sister, have been passed down through the family for 170 years and were auctioned by Sotheby's, fetching almost $2M.

Prototype Leica designed by Jony Ive, Marc Newson expected to fetch over $250K at auction

A one-off prototype used in the development process of a limited-edition (RED) Leica M is expected to sell for more than $250K when it goes up for auction in June at the Leitz Photographica Auction

Iconic Ansel Adams image sells for nearly $1M at Sotheby's auction, total sales of $6.4M

Sotheby's of New York recently completed the auction of 'A Grand Vision: The David H. Arrington Collection of Ansel Adams Masterworks'. The 123-lot collection earned a total of $6.4M USD, with 94% of lots selling. An iconic image set a record, selling for $988,000, the highest total ever for an Ansel Adams print.

Documenting humanity's journey into space: Over 2,400 iconic space images are up for auction

Christie's is currently hosting an auction of a massive photo collection. The collection, 'Voyage to Another World: The Victor Martin-Malburet Photograph Collection', includes 700 lots and more than 2,400 separate items.

Sotheby's Space Photography auction includes NASA 'Red Number' prints

Sotheby's is auctioning dozens of iconic NASA 'Red Number' photos from the collection of Philip Kulpa, as well as a selection of vintage space prints from the estate of Bill Taub, NASA's first senior photographer who covered major events until the end of the Apollo program.

Rare 'Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima' print with four signatures goes up for auction

The print, which is potentially the only version with photographer Joe Rosenthal's signature, is expected to sell at auction for upwards of $25,000.

This may be Amelia Earhart’s Leica, and you can buy it for $69,000 on eBay

The Leica l Model A, dating from between 1926 and 1927, comes with a card signed by Earhart herself. Unfortunately, this is the only 'proof' that the camera really did belong to her.

The most expensive camera in the world: 1923 Leica sells for $2.97M at auction

This Leica 0-series—one of only 25 ever produced, and only three in 'original condition'—beat the previous record set by another Leica 0-series. It is now officially the most expensive camera ever sold at auction.

Crypto-art 'Forever Rose' photo sells for $1M, making it the world's most valuable virtual art

A blockchain crypto-art rose based on a digital photograph by Kevin Abosch was just sold for the equivalent of $1,000,000 USD in cryptocurrency to 10 equal investors. If that last sentence made absolutely no sense to you, read on.

Ultra-rare Konica Rokuoh-Sha Type 89 'Machine Gun' camera pops up on eBay

This rare camera was used to train Japanese airplane machine gunners during World War II. Instead of bullets, the camera would shoot pictures, which would be developed and analyzed to improve the gunner's accuracy.

Camera from NASA's moon missions sold at auction

A Hasselblad camera claimed to have been used by U.S. astronauts on the moon sold on at auction in Vienna for nearly $1 million, despite questions as to the veracity of its travels. WestLicht Photographica Auction in Austria reported the camera, a Hasselblad Electronic Data Camera, sold for €550,000 (€660,000 with the buyer’s premium which is about $910,400) and was won by Japanese businessman Terukazu Fujisawa. Learn more

Rare 1932 Leica fails to set record at Hong Kong auction

A rare Leica camera has been sold at auction in Hong Kong for around $620,000 (~£380,000). The gold-plated 1932 Leica Luxus II is one of only four ever made, and comes in a crocodile skin case. The camera was expected to raise around $1.2 million at auction, but ultimately sold for around half of that amount. Learn more