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Cosmic captures: Astronomy Photographer of the Year finalists announced

The Royal Observatory Greenwich has announced finalists for its 2023 Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards. The list includes some pretty spectacular images, many of which required no small amount of effort to capture.

A rare print of the only image of Neil Armstrong on the moon is expected to sell for $30,000 at auction

There's only one known photo of Neil Armstrong on the moon during Apollo 11's EVA. Prints of the image are almost as rare. The auction house Bonhams will have one available as part of its upcoming Space Photography Auction, and the auctioneers expect the print to sell for up to $30,000.

Slideshow: Winners of the 2022 Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards

The final winners have been announced for the annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards put on by Royal Observatory Greenwich.

Slideshow: Shortlisted entries for the 2022 Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Shortlisted entries for the annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards were recently announced. Overall winners will be revealed on September 15th.

Covered in dust and low on power, NASA's InSight Mars lander captures its final selfie

Mars is dusty. Despite its best efforts, the InSight Mars lander, which arrived on Mars in late 2018, is so covered in dust that its solar panels are operating at low levels, and the lander must prepare for its' retirement.' But, before going into a low-power mode, the lander captured one final selfie.

Astronomers reveal first photo of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way

Astronomers have unveiled the first image of the supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*, that lies at the heart of our galaxy.

Lunar astronomy: A dual-camera system is headed to the Moon later this year

The International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) is working on landing a dual-camera system on the moon. The cameras will perform astronomical observations from Valois Schroteri, a valley on the near side of the moon.

Astronomers from NOIRLab capture incredible photo of 'Spanish Dancer' spiral galaxy

Astronomers at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile have captured a fantastic image of the spiral galaxy NGC 1566.

The James Webb Space Telescope has detected its first photons

On February 3, the first particles of light made it through the entire James Webb Space Telescope, beginning the roughly three-month-long process of aligning the telescope's 18 mirror segments that must take place before full scientific operations can commence.

Astronomers use ESO's 'Very Large Telescope' to identify a new exoplanet that defies expectations

Astronomers have used the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope to capture an image of a planet around a scorching, massive two-star system. The planet formed in a harsh environment that has previously proven too inhospitable.

A dedicated amateur astronomer in Brazil caught an object hitting Jupiter's surface

Jupiter is hit with objects throughout the year, but it's an infrequent event that's often observable for only a second or two. Amateur astronomer José Luis Pereira observed Jupiter on a clear night earlier this week and caught such an impact with his camera and telescope.

Hobbyist astronomer discovers new Jupiter moon 18 years after the photos were taken

Hobbyist astronomer Kai Ly was recently scanning photos taken of Jupiter, in 2003, when he discovered a new moon in the planet's orbit.

This photograph illustrates how quickly the International Space Station orbits Earth

The International Space Station (ISS) travels nearly 8 kilometers every second. Put another way, the ISS travels at more than 17,000 miles per hour. French astronaut Thomas Pesquet is currently aboard the ISS and has recently captured an image that shows just how fast that is.

Vaonis teases upcoming feature for its Stellina smart telescope with 546MP panorama

Last year, Vaonis unveiled the Stellina smart telescope camera device. This smart device allows anyone to easily capture beautiful images of the night sky. Vaonis is developing a new feature, Automatic Mosaic-ing, that leverages the Stellina's ability to automatically stack and stitch images. Vaonis has demonstrated this new feature with a massive 546MP panorama image.