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Apple responds to open letter calling for Final Cut Pro improvements

Apple has responded to an open letter published last month, wherein more than 100 individuals in the entertainment industry asked Apple to improve the development and promotion of Final Cut Pro.

Apple’s Self Service Repair website is now live in the US, lets you purchase genuine iPhone parts for DIY repairs

The Self Service Repair site offers custom manuals and genuine components for fixing your iPhone 12, 13 and SE (3rd gen) devices, with parts for M1 macs coming later this year. The program is only live in the U.S. for now, but Apple says it will launch across Europe 'later this year.'

These JetDrive Lite 330 SD cards give your new Apple M1 MacBook Pro models 'hidden' storage

After becoming all but unrelevant once Apple removed SD card readers from its MacBook Pro lineup, Transcend is back with a new lineup of JetDrive SD cards that sit flush with the body of Apple's new M1-powered MacBook Pro computers.

Over 100 members of the TV and film industry ask Apple to improve Final Cut Pro

An open letter asking Apple to improve its video editor has been signed by more than 100 TV and film industry members, putting pressure on the Cupertino company to bring its video editor more up to date with industry standards and specifications.

Apple updates Final Cut Pro to improve performance with its new Mac Studio desktops

Final Cut Pro 10.6.2 improves playback and graphics performance with Apple's new M1 Max and M1 Ultra-powered Mac Studio desktops.

Tests show Thunderbolt ports on M1 Macs don't fully support USB 3.1 Gen 2 speeds

New test results from Howard Oakley of The Eclectic Light Company show that the Thunderbolt ports on M1 Macs don't take full advantage of the promised speeds of USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices.

Apple announces iMovie 3.0 update with new Storyboards and Magic Movie features

The two new features make it easier than ever to create and edit videos on-the-go with iOS and iPadOS devices.

Apple M1 Ultra vs M1 Max: Head-to-head shootout with photo and video editing apps

The M1 Ultra version of Apple's Mac Studio costs a lot more than the M1 Max, but does it really deliver more speed? We compared performance across a number of photo and video editing tests to find out. Spoiler: it depends a lot on what software you use.

Video: Mac Studio teardown gives us a close look at M1 Ultra

Max Tech has done a detailed teardown of the new Mac Studio desktop computer. Apple's latest and most capable M1-powered Mac yet is a densely-packed, exquisitely-engineered computer.

Apple Mac Studio review: The Apple desktop we've been waiting for

For years, creatives have been asking Apple to release a mid-range standalone desktop tower that sits somewhere between the entry-level Mac mini and the unattainably expensive Mac Pro. With the Mac Studio, Apple has finally answered the call.

Apple Studio Display review: An excellent monitor at a steep price

Apple's new Studio Display is an extremely color accurate IPS LCD with a bunch of unique features and exceptional build quality. But with a price tag of $1,600, you really have to value those extra features. For Apple, this is a missed opportunity to give the creative community a smaller, more affordable version of the Pro Display XDR.

Apple unveils new iPhone SE, iPad Air models with 5G and updated chipsets

Today, at its 'Peek Performance' event, Apple showcased its new entry-level iPhone and an updated iPad, both with improved chipsets and 5G connectivity.

Apple confirms product launch event for March 8

Apple has announced it will be hosting a virtual keynote presentation on March 8, 2022 to show off new products.

Video: DIY project managed to shrink Apple's M1 Mac Mini by 72% through some clever tinkering

Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs has spent the past six months figuring out how he could shrink Apple's Mac Mini. In his latest video, he shares how he did it along every step of the way and shows how much smaller Apple could make its Mac Mini lineup in future generations.

Apple files patent application for magnetic MagSafe tripod adapter for mounting iPhones to tripods, gimbals

While not all patent applications result in consumer products, a new one filed by Apple shows an interesting magnetic adapter to attach an iPhone to a tripod or other stabilization device. The adapter would use Apple's MagSafe technology to secure and charge a connected device while leaving your phone's Lightning port available for use with another accessory.

Share your best iPhone macro photos for a chance to be featured across Apple's social media and ad campaigns

Apple has launched a new 'Shot on iPhone Challenge,' this time focusing on macro shots captured with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iOS malware tricks you into thinking your phone is off while hackers use camera and mic

Security researchers at ZecOps have developed a trojan proof of concept tool that can inject code into three crucial iOS daemons. The tool simulates a shutdown, keeping the phone powered on in a simulated 'off' state, leaving the device vulnerable to infiltration and monitoring.

Gear Of The Year 2021: Jordan's Choice - Apple M1 iMac

In this article, DPRTV's hard-working videographer, Jordan Drake, explains why the shiny golden Apple M1 iMac was his favorite piece of gear of 2021.

Apple M1 Max MacBook Pro (2021) review: Back with a vengeance

Apple's flagship M1 Max MacBook Pro offers a combination of performance, efficiency, build quality, and screen quality that you cannot find in any PC on the market, full stop.

Apple Self Service Repair program: Customers can fix their own Apple products with genuine parts & tools

Apple has announced a new Self Service Repair program. The program will provide access to genuine parts, tools and manuals for knowledgeable customers to perform their own repairs on select Apple products.

ACD System’s Photo Studio for Mac 8 adds M1 compatibility, better tools and more

ACD Systems has announced Photo Studio for Mac 8. The new version of the digital asset management tool promises improved performance and includes a new UI, new editing tools and improved workflow options.

Apple M1 Max First Impressions: A MacBook Pro that's actually 'Pro'

As we prepare our full review of Apple's exciting new MacBook Pro, we wanted to share some of our first impressions on the design, usability and, yes, performance of this incredibly impressive laptop.

Apple's graphics and video upgrades make the new MacBook Pros the Macs photographers have been asking for

The new computers can both be configured with Apple's new M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets and offer a redesign that brings back the SD card slot, HDMI port and MagSafe charging.

iPhone 13 Pro sample gallery (DPReview TV)

When Chris and Jordan reviewed the iPhone 13 Pro for DPReview TV they focused mostly on video. However, they took a lot of photos along the way. Check out this gallery they shot, which includes some ProRaw conversions using Capture One Pro.

Apple confirms ‘Unleashed’ special event for October 18

According to reports, Apple is expected to announce new 14" and 16" MacBook Pros with the company's latest in-house silicon.

DPReview TV: iPhone 13 Pro review - shot on the iPhone 13 Pro!

We shot this entire review on the iPhone 13 Pro. See real world examples of Cinematic Mode, Portrait Mode, Night Mode and more. Also, find out the one thing that made Jordan declare, 'It's like having a fork dragged across my eyeballs.'

Apple iPhone 13 Pro sample gallery

We've just wrapped a ton of shooting with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro in Seattle and in Michigan – check out our gallery, which gives you a look at what larger sensors and faster apertures allow in terms of image quality over previous iPhones and indeed, many other phones on the market.

These incredible images of Earth were captured with an iPhone 12 by an Inspiration4 commander

Last week, we saw photos from the SpaceX Inspiration 4 mission captured by a Nikon DSLR. Now we have a photo and video as shot by an iPhone 12. While not as capable as a high-end interchangeable lens camera, the photo and video quality are impressive.

Part one: iFixit's initial iPhone 13 Pro teardown reveals larger camera modules, bigger battery and more

iPhone release season isn’t complete until iFixit gets its hands on Apple’s latest devices to tear them apart and see what’s inside.

Report: ProRes recording on Apple's new iPhone 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max models will tear through up to 6GB/minute

There are conflicting reports as to whether it'll be 6GB or 4GB per minute, but whatever the case is, be prepared to have plenty of storage on hand.

All Apple iPhone 13 and 13 Pro camera upgrades: Explained

This year's iPhone 13 lineup is all about bigger sensors and faster lenses. Apple managed to cram the 12 Pro Max camera into the 13 Mini this year, and have stepped up the game with its largest sensor ever.

iPhone 13 review round-up: a meta review of Apple's latest iPhone 13 lineup

While we're waiting to receive our review unit, we've rounded up a collection of video and written reviews that dive into the details of Apple's new iPhone 13 lineup.

Apple's 7 minute video helps you decide which iPhone 13 has the best camera for you

Apple has just released a 7-minute video outlining the key improvements to the phones, mainly in the camera photo and video department. It's worth a watch if you're trying to determine which model to pre-order.

Did Apple's iPhone 13 ‘Cinematic Mode’ just revolutionize mobile cinematography?

Apple iPhone 13's new Cinematic Mode uses its multiple cameras to capture a depth map when shooting video so you can rack focus and adjust depth-of-field after the fact. Apple also studied creative choices DPs make to enhance video AF.

Apple shows off the iPhone 13 and two updated iPad models

In addition to its flagship iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max devices, Apple also shared the details of its base-level iPhone 13 smartphone, as well as its new iPad and updated iPad Mini models.

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max: A15 Bionic chipset, new triple-camera array, ProMotion display and more

Today, during its online 'California Streaming' livestream, Apple revealed the details of its latest iPhone models, including the iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Two updated iPad models we also announced, the 'new' iPad and a substantially updated iPad Mini.

PSA: Apple warns that high-powered motorcycles can damage autofocus, image stabilization in iPhones

Apple says the 'high amplitude vibrations' of the engines inside high-powered motorcycles can cause damage to AF, OIS units inside iPhones when mounted to the vehicle.

5 big improvements (probably) coming to Apple's next MacBook Pro

Apple's next-generation MacBook Pros are just around the corner, and the rumor mill is churning with hopes, dreams and speculation. In that vein, we've put together a list of the five most important photo and video editing features that are (probably) coming to the Mac very soon.

Apple announces September 14 livestream event, expected to unveil its latest iPhone models

The event is returning to its usual September timeframe after it was pushed back into October in 2020, presumably due to issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple now lets you permanently turn off Night Mode for iPhone 11, iPhone 12 devices

Until now, you had to manually turn off Night Mode every time you opened the camera app. Now, as of the latest iOS 15 beta, your iPhone 11 (or newer) will remember whether you had it turned on or off.

Apple is testing out new flare removal feature in iOS 15 beta

The latest developer beta of iOS 15 features a new flare removal tool that appears to automatically remove the signature ‘green orb’ flare often seen in images captured with iPhone cameras.

Apple expands GPU options for the Mac Pro, offering up to 128GB of GDDR6 memory

Apple has rolled out a trio of new GPU configuration options for its Mac Pro computer, with upgrade prices ranging from $2,400 to $11,600 and memory ranging from 32GB to 128GB.

2021 Apple M1 iMac (24-inch) Review: The best 'starter' Mac for creators

Don't be fooled by its colorful, family-friendly design – the new 24-inch iMac is capable of serious photo and video editing performance.

Apple granted patent for periscope camera module that would give future iPhones 3x optical 'zoom'

The patent shows off the details and schematics for a a 3x periscope camera module that would use folded optics to give future iPhones a more telephoto camera option.

Apple still hasn't made a truly 'Pro' M1 Mac – so what's the holdup?

Apple's latest M1 Macs are a great choice for both photo and video editing, but they're a preview of coming attractions - not truly professional machines. Seven months after the introduction of M1, professionals are getting impatient.

Warning: Report suggests Apple’s 5th Gen Time Capsules susceptible to HDD failure

German data recovery company Datenrettung has issued a warning that Apple’s 5th generation Time Capsule devices are susceptible to failure due to faulty Seagate hard drives.

Apple updates iMovie and Final Cut Pro, improving stability and workflow

Apple has updated four of its video editing applications, iMovie, Compressor, Motion and Final Cut Pro. The free updates increase stability, add new features and deliver improved workflow options.

Head to Head: Apple Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere Pro

We pit Adobe's Premiere Pro against Apple's Final Cut Pro to see which video editor takes the performance crown. Same timeline, same footage, same effects... very different results.

Video: iFixit shows off the tech (literally) behind the XDR Display inside Apple's 12.9" M1 iPad Pro

The entire teardown isn't complete yet, but iFixit has shared a short video that tears apart a new 12.9" M1 iPad Pro to show how Apple is using Mini LED technology to power the flagship iPad's XDR display.

WWDC 2021: Apple unveils latest updates for iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and more

Apple's WWDC 2021 virtual event is currently taking place. Check out our coverage of the latest news and updates as it's released.

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