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Maintaining a wedding photography business can be demanding, so here are some helpful apps to put your mobile tech to work.

Hands-on: Tadaa SLR gives your smartphone photos depth of field

A new app from Tadaa attempts to give iPhone photos an SLR feel. 

Software Technique: Out on a Limb

Learn how mobile photographer Natalie Maddon manipulates her ethereal images. 

Branding with Instagram

How are businesses Insta-branding?

Instagram love at first 'like'

How Instagram users are hooking up and falling in love.

Instagramers: By and for Instagram users

Founder Phil Gonzalez explains Instagramers: a network of users focused on creating local, real-world connections through Instagram.

EyeEm offers more social image-sharing options

There's more than one social photo-sharing service out there.

Hipstamatic Paks a punch with add-ons

HipstaPaks refresh your Hipstamatic fun.

Pilgramers’ journey explores community connection behind Instagram

The "Pilgramers" set out to discover the people behind the posts by getting personal with Instagram users.