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Adobe updates Premiere Pro with new vertical video features, updated Workspace UI and more

The June 2022 Premiere Pro update adds a collection of new and improved features and performance upgrades, including a new Vertical Video workspace, improved H.264/HEVC encoding on Apple silicon and more.

Video: See Photoshop's new 'Photo Restoration' Neural Filter in action

Adobe is teasing another of its impressive, AI-powered Neural Filters. The new filter, Photo Restoration, can repair old and damaged images in a single click.

Adobe Lightroom updates: Video editing, new presets, more AI and other key improvements

Adobe has released a major update to its Lightroom ecosystem that includes video editing capabilities, new preset functionality and much more.

Adobe Premiere Pro can now export 10-bit 4:2:0 HEVC video 10x faster on Macs, AMD-powered PCs

By leveraging hardware acceleration, Adobe has managed to speed up 10-bit 4:2:0 HEVC video export times by 10x on macOS computers and Windows computers running AMD GPUs. Adobe has also sped up smart rendering, added HDR proxies and more.

Adobe brings Content-Aware Fill, Background Removal, and more to Photoshop for iPad

Adobe has finally brought Content-Aware Fill to Photoshop for iPad. Other new and improved features include Remove Background, Select Subject, Auto adjustments and more.

Adobe Premiere Pro update adds AI-powered Remix for music and 3x faster Speech to Text

Adobe has updated its popular video editing software, Premiere Pro, adding new AI-powered sound features, improved Speech to Text, and more.

Adobe announces Creative Cloud Express, unified web and mobile app for fast, easy editing

Adobe has announced Creative Cloud Express, a new app for web and mobile that lets users quickly create and edit content.

Sneak peek: Adobe's new AI tech animates motion between multiple frames

Have you ever wanted to animate the time in between a couple, or more, photos? Adobe’s new Project In-Between shows that it may be possible to turn your photos into animated keepsakes.

Photoshop will get a 'Prepare as NFT' option by month's end

Adobe's Chief Product Officer, Scott Belsky, confirmed to The Verge, on its Decoder Podcast, that Photoshop will preview a 'Prepare as NFT' system by the end of the month.

Adobe updates Photoshop on the web, adds improved selection tools, brings ACR to iPad & more

Adobe's annual MAX conference kicked off today. As part of the event, Adobe unveiled updates to many of its apps, including Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop on the web is now available as a beta. Plus, Photoshop on desktop and iPad received numerous updates.

Adobe Premiere Rush and Photoshop Express will soon be included in the $10/month Photography Plan

Adobe is adding Premiere Rush and Photoshop Express to its Photography Plan, which currently includes Lightroom and Photoshop. The new apps will be added next week at no additional cost.

Sneak peek: Adobe Camera Raw is coming to Photoshop on the iPad

Adobe has unveiled Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop on the iPad. This much-requested feature will be arriving in an update later this month, bringing full raw import tools to Photoshop on iPad.

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 2022 announced with new Sensei-powered technology

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 and Premiere Elements 2022 are now available. The user-friendly software makes it easy for users to creatively edit their photos and videos with various editing tools, including new ones powered by Adobe Sensei AI technology.

Adobe has re-engineered masking in Adobe Camera RAW and Lightroom

Adobe has unveiled a new masking experience for Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Lightroom. The new masking engine introduces AI-based tools first made available in Photoshop, plus the Adobe team has redesigned the user experience when using masks.

We applied Adobe's 'Super Resolution' to our favorite old photos, and the results are impressive

Adobe has introduced a new featured called 'Super Resolution' to Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. It uses machine learning to intelligently upscale photos two-fold in linear resolution. We've updated our article to compare results against Topaz Gigapixel AI as well as simpler sharpening methods. Get ready to pixel peep.

Adobe brings Healing Brush, Magic Wand to Photoshop for iPad, updates Photoshop for Desktop

It’s been a long time coming, but Photoshop for iPad now has the Healing Brush tool as well as the Magic Wand tool. Adobe has also improved the Sky Replacement feature in Photoshop for Desktop.

Adobe MAX 2021 to take place online from October 26-28, is once again free to ‘attend’

Adobe MAX 2021 will once again be virtual and free for all who want to attend later this year.

Head to Head: Adobe Lightroom Classic vs Capture One 21

In this head-to-head shootout, we compare the raw import and export performance of Adobe Lightroom Classic against the increasingly popular alternative Capture One 21. Is C1 really faster? And if so, by how much?

Adobe brings native Apple silicon support, automated Speech to Text transcription to Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro 15.4 adds native support for Apple's M1 Macs and brings an Adobe Sensei-powered Speech to Text tool that dramatically reduces the time needed to make videos more accessible and engaging.

Adobe Premiere Pro receives a major update aimed at today's creator, available now in beta

Adobe Premiere Pro has been around for nearly 30 years. Many aspects of video creation and editing have changed in the last three decades. To modernize Premiere Pro, Adobe has released a major refresh to the software, including a new streamlined user interface.

PostPro's Wand is a Lightroom plug-in that wants to take the guesswork out of culling event photos

PostPro's Wand is a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom that separates the good event photos from the bad, eliminating the manual culling process.

Head to Head: Apple Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere Pro

We pit Adobe's Premiere Pro against Apple's Final Cut Pro to see which video editor takes the performance crown. Same timeline, same footage, same effects... very different results.

Lightroom Classic gets native M1 support, Lightroom gets Super Resolution and more with Adobe's June 2021 update

Adobe has released its June 2021 updates, bringing new and improved features to nearly every version of Lightroom and Photoshop it has to offer.

Adobe’s May Photoshop update adds new save feature, improves Neural Filters and more

Adobe has released an update to Photoshop on desktop. The update fixes numerous issues, adds a new 'Save a Copy' option to improve the user experience, a revised Neural Filter menu and native Photoshop support for Windows ARM devices.

Adobe releases Photoshop for Windows ARM64 devices

After promising Windows ARM support in 2019 and delivering a public beta in late 2020, Adobe has released the public release of Photoshop for Windows ARM devices, including Microsoft's Surface Pro X tablet.

Charles 'Chuck' Geschke, co-founder of Adobe and inventor of the PDF, dies at 81

Charles Geschke, who co-founded Adobe in 1982 with John Warnock, died this past Friday at 81.

Adobe updates Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro, adding Apple M1 support to Rush and more

Adobe has released the April 2021 versions of its popular video-editing applications, Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro.

Just how good is Adobe Super Resolution? We put it to test with some classic 12MP ILCs

Adobe's latest addition to Camera Raw is a Super Resolution feature, which quadruples the pixel count of your Raw files and, in theory, doubles their linear resolution. Does that mean that you really don't need more than 12 or 16 megapixels anymore? We've put it to the test.

Adobe Camera Raw vs. Capture One Express Fujifilm: A worthy free contender

In our latest software shootout, we pit Adobe's Camera Raw against Capture One Express Fujifilm, included for free with every Fujifilm camera. Can you get all you need with the free option? For a lot of people, it looks like the answer could be yes.

Photographer Michael Clark on Adobe Super Resolution: 'An incredible new tool'

Photographer Michael Clark took Adobe’s new Super Resolution technology for a spin to see just how well it can upscale images.

Adobe releases Lightroom updates offering new features and improved performance

Adobe has released a slew of updates for Lightroom, Lightroom for mobile and Lightroom Classic.

Adobe releases Photoshop for M1 Macs and introduces Super Resolution in ACR

After months of beta testing, Adobe has released the first public version of Photoshop for Apple M1 computers. Further, a new Super Resolution feature is included in the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw. Super Resolution quadruples the total pixel count of your images using machine learning.

Adobe MAX 2021 will once again be virtual and free for all

The 2021 Adobe MAX conference will be free and all-digital, just as the 2020 event was. It’s set to take October 26–28, 2021.

Adobe Camera Raw vs. Olympus Workspace: Which app should you use?

When Olympus released the E-M1X sports camera in late 2019, the company also released a modern editing app called Olympus Workspace. Is it fully featured and fast enough to replace an Adobe-based editing workflow? Let's find out.

Adobe Camera Raw vs. Nikon ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D: Which should you be using?

Is it really necessary to pay for photo editing software when it already comes included with your camera purchase? We test Nikon's own editing apps against the industry go-to.

Gone but not forgotten: Adobe Flash is no more

In a move that has arguably been more than a decade in the making, Adobe has ended its support for Flash, which it first acquired when it bought Macromedia in 2005. Adobe Flash has had a tumultuous nearly 25 years of existence, but despite its problems and bugs, Flash was a staple of the internet experience for many years.

Adobe brings native M1 support to Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush and Audition with new public betas

The public betas, which have known issues and won't work with all third-party add-ons, are the first to natively run on Apple's new M1-powered computers.

The Content Authenticity Initiative shows its first real-world samples of CAI-attributed images

These first real-world examples, captured on an unnamed Qualcomm-powered smartphone, show what the CAI standard experience is like when viewing the images online.

Adobe Lightroom is now native for both Apple M1, Windows Arm platforms

The latest version of Adobe Lightroom adds native support for Apple M1-powered computers, as well as Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 Arm devices.

Adobe releases Photoshop beta for Apple Silicon and Windows ARM

Adobe has released a new Photoshop (Beta) version for Apple Silicon and Windows ARM. The beta currently lacks many features, but it represents an important first step in Adobe's promised development of native software for the Microsoft Surface Pro X and the new M1-powered Macs.

Adobe apps not officially supported on Apple's M1 chips using Rosetta 2, but native versions are coming

Following Apple's presentation on November 10 during which the company showed the first three Macs built on Apple silicon, Adobe announced that it is not officially supporting its apps on Rosetta 2 emulation. However, native Apple silicon versions of Lightroom and Photoshop are on the way.

Adobe Premiere Pro can now natively decode ProRes Raw video files

The October 2020 release of Premiere Pro adds, amongst other things, the ability to natively edit ProRes Raw video files, something that was previously limited to Windows computers running Nvidia GPUs.

Adobe gives Photoshop 2021 even more Sensei AI power, brings livestreaming to Photoshop for iPad

Adobe's virtual MAX 2020 conference is underway and Adobe has announced updates to its family of software, including Adobe Photoshop 2021. The newest version of Photoshop includes AI-powered features such as Neural Filters and Sky Replacement.

Adobe shows off prototype version of its Content Authenticity tool and ecosystem

The prototype tool will provide a way for photojournalists, artists and others to cyptographically sign and embed editing and attribution information to images that have been adjusted or altered.

Adobe Lightroom Classic 10.0 released, includes Color Grading and more

Adobe has released the latest update to Lightroom Classic, bringing the venerable photo editor and organizer to version 10.0. The new version adds performance improvements, new camera/lens support and more, including a highly anticipated new Color Grading feature.

Video: From its origins to a harrowing kidnapping, the story of Adobe

Dagogo Altraide of ColdFusion has produced a video sharing the history of Adobe, from its humble beginnings in a garage to its massive place in the tech industry today.

Adobe announces Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2021

Adobe has announced Photoshop Elements 2021 and Premiere Elements 2021. The new applications include new features, including some powered by Adobe Sensei AI, and additional Guided Edits.

Video: Adobe teases Advance Color Grading tool coming to ACR, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic

The new Color Grading panel will replace the current Split Tone panel, bringing with it the ability to now control the color of midtones, as well as a more refined wheel-based interface for making more precise edits.

Adobe's teases a new Sensei-powered Sky Replacement tool coming soon to Photoshop

Adobe has shared a sneak peek video showing off a new Sensei-powered Sky replacement feature that will automatically replace a bland sky in an image with a more dramatic one.

Adobe Camera Raw vs. Canon Digital Photo Professional: Which should you use and why?

Is it really necessary to pay for photo editing software when it already comes included with your camera purchase? We test Canon's own editing app against the industry go-to.

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