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500px launches portfolio website service for Pro account members

500px offers Pro members a new web-building tool for creating portfolio sites to show off their work beyond the 500px community

500px combines Terms of Service and Contributor Agreement, confusing some users

500px recently updated its Terms of Service, raising concerns among some users. A recent analysis compared the latest terms to the previous version, however, and didn't find many changes.

500px suffered a data breach in July 2018 that exposed info of all 15M users

Some user information, including names, usernames and email addresses was compromised in the incident.

500px shuts down its online photo marketplace

As of July 1st image licensing will function via Getty Images and VCG. Gone is the option to upload images under a Creative Commons license.

500px acquired by Chinese licensing giant Visual China Group

Visual China Group (VCG)—the world's third largest image licensing company and the so-called 'Getty Images of China'—has acquired photo sharing community and licensing marketplace 500px.

500px adds support for wide-gamut color profiles and Google WebP format

Photo sharing site 500px has just added support for wide-gamut color profiles such as AdobeRGB and ProPhotoRGB, even allowing users to filter their searches by color profile.

500px launches Directory to help photographers connect with clients

Following a beta test, photography website 500px has launched its photographer Directory to the public. Read more

500px launches Insights analytics app

500px's new Insights app gives you access to a host of statistical information about your account and the entire site.

Lytro Launches Web Viewer; 500px to Host Living Pictures Gallery

As Lytro prepares for the launch of its second generation light field camera, the Lytro Illum, the company faces a challenge: how does one easily display and share the 'living pictures' their cameras produce? Today the company announced plans to open-source its Living Picture Player - a viewer for its light field images. The WebGL-based player can be integrated into any website or social media platform, thereby allowing for easy sharing of Lytro's living pictures. 500px will be the first to host an image gallery based on this player.

500px Prime goes live, photographers now get 70% not 30%

A few weeks ago we reported on the announcement of 500px 'Prime' a licensing service built into the popular photography website that was designed to allow users to make some cash from their images. Originally, the service was set to offer photographers a 30% cut of image sales at a minimum price per image of $250. A lot of photographers weren't happy with the 70/30 split but now Prime is live, the terms have changed and photographers are being offered 70%, with new 'flat rate $250 pricing. Click through for more details. 

500px 'Prime' is a licensing marketplace with 30% cut for photographers

Photo-sharing site 500px has launched 'Prime' a licensing service that it is describing as 'the world's most intelligent marketplace' with fees that start at $250. Interestingly, the company is also claiming that the photographer will get 30% of every fee for a licensed image, no matter 'how it is bought, who buys it, or under what license'. Click through for more details. 

500px gets an iOS 7 makeover

500px updated its iOS app to better fit iOS 7.

App news for photographers: 500px, Linea, Instagram and more

We round up the best photocentric app news.

More professional portfolios will be available in May. 

Apple reinstates 500px app after porn pull

App comes with 17+ age-restricted material warning and "Report this photo" link.

500px app pulled from App Store

App maker says Apple concerned about nudity on the photo sharing service.

Photo sharing service works to continue to attract photographers; updates uploader today.

Photo sharing platform expands mobile platform offerings with app for iPhone.

500px expands licensing options

500px rolls out Creative Commons licensing for users.