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The LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back lets you capture Instax Wide images with large format cameras

The LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back makes it so Braflok-equipped 4x5 cameras can capture proofs with Instax Wide instant film — a welcomed option considering peel-apart film was discontinued back in 2016.

Video: Fotodiox tutorial transforms portable scanner into a 4x5 digital camera back

The tutorial is based off a similar project from Instructables.

Kodak Ektachrome E100 film will be available in 120, 4x5 formats 'within the next 10 days'

Kodak Alaris confirmed Ektachrome E100 will be available to purchase globally in 5-roll 120 'propacks' and 10-sheet boxes of 4x5 film 'within the next 10 days.'