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Hasbro combines selfies and 3D printing to put your face on a famous action figure

If you've ever wanted to become an action figure, Hasbro is providing you the opportunity with its new 3D-printed Selfie Series action figures.

Film Friday: These 3D-printed film cases keep your 35mm and 120 film safe on-the-go

Thingiverse user amass3d has shared a set of 3D files you can use to 3D print three- and five-pack cases you can use to keep your 35mm and 120 film safe when out and about.

The Pikon camera is a 3D-printed interchangeable lens camera built around Raspberry Pi

Builder Kevin McAleer has designed the Pikon, a 3D-printed camera built around the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera module. The camera includes a large rear touchscreen and a traditional camera form factor, plus it has an interchangeable lens mount.

3D-printed adapter lets you use Nikon F-mount lenses on Apple’s 1996 QuickTake camera

Designer Brian Benchoff built an adapter to use Nikon F-mount lenses on an Apple QuickTake 150 digital camera. The digital camera, released in 1995, captures 640 x 480-pixel images on a CCD image sensor.

This 3D-printed 163mm F2.5 lens was made for around $15

Pixels and Prisms is a new resource for open-source photography projects. Its first project is a 163mm F2.5 telephoto lens for Canon EF-mount cameras. The project uses around $15 worth of materials and includes fully adjustable focus and aperture mechanisms.

Video: DIY macro photography with a $20 microscope lens and 3D printed adapter

Do you want to give macro photography a try but don't want to spend a lot of money? If you've got a 3D printer and $20, you're in luck.

This 3D-printed DIY camera includes interchangeable lenses and sensor

Engineer Gaurav Singh's new open-source interchangeable lens camera includes a swappable image sensor and 3D-printed body.

Engineer and photographer Yuta Ikeya designed & 3D printed a 35mm movie camera

Japanese engineer Yuta Ikeya loves analog photography, and the look of movies shot on film. However, dedicated movie cameras and film can be too expensive, especially for beginners, so he built his own 35mm movie camera that accepts modified 35mm photo film.

3D-printed adapter & 4x microscope objective offers impressive macro photos for $25

Photographer and creator Nicholas Sherlock has designed a 3D-printed adapter that allows you to attach a 4x microscope objective to a Sony E or Canon EF camera. The total cost of the project is under $25.

This 3D-printed lens lets you create 'wigglegrams'

Maker George Moua has created a 3D-printed lens for shooting stereoscopic 3D 'wigglegrams.'

These open-source medium format cameras are 3D-printed

Dora Goodman got her start customizing existing analog cameras. Since then, she and her team launched a company offering open-source designs for 3D printing cameras and selling customers 3D printed parts and fully assembled cameras.

Photographer shares schematics for LIDAR-controlled film digitizer

The inventor says if you already have a 3D printer this medium format film carrier will cost about $100 to make, and will advance each frame into position ready to be photographed. Once made and assembled it should make film copying much quicker and easier.

Video: How to capture a 0.1MP portrait with a Game Boy Camera and 70-200mm lens

Sam McKenzie of YouTube Channel 3D Printor has shared a behind-the-scenes video showing how he captured and printed a portrait using a Game Boy Camera and a Tamron 70-200mm lens.

Filmmaker uses COVID-19 work lull to make and sell $10 3D-printed camera battery cases

Battery Mags are designed to hold three or four batteries in a 3D printed magazine, and to allow photographers to see at a glance which are fresh and which are dead

CAMERADACTYL creator launches Kickstarter campaign offering camera files for 3D printers

The CAMERADACTYL Brancopan is a 3D-printed panoramic camera that supports Mamiya Press lenses and 35mm film.

Edelkrone expands 3D-printed ORTAK line with new SKATER 3D kit

Edelkrone has added another product to its ‘co-manufactured’ ORTAK lineup.

Edelkrone now offers a 3D-printed DIY solution for its FlexTILT tripod head

The FlexTILT Head 3D is the first product in Edelkrone's new ORTAK lineup, which is specifically designed to piggyback off the growing trend of 3D printing.

Relio² is a second-gen light cube that comes with 3D-printable accessories

The Relio² is a highly customizable portable lighting system for photography and other color-critical applications.

These 3D-printed hotshoe covers remind you what speed film you have inside your camera

Photographer Guy Sie has customized a set of 3D-printed hotshoe covers with numbers so you'll never forget what speed film you have in your camera.

Full 360-degree camera rig takes your 3D portrait with 60 DSLRs

Printing in 3D is in the news a lot lately, but applications are usually limited to industrial prototypes. A company called Captured Dimensions has a different use for this technology. They've rigged 60 DSLRs in a 360-degree array to capture 3D portraits. The likeness is then printed using a substance containing gypsum powder, resulting in a 3D sculpture of 1/12 to 1/5 scale. Ready for your 3D closeup? Click through for more details (including how much it'll set you back).

Resurrecting a WWII optic with scraps and a 3D printer

Falling into the interesting photo experiments category, Patrick Letourneau adapted a Kodak Aero Ektar 178mm F2.5 lens, a surplus lens originally used during World War II in bomber-mounted cameras, to use with his Panasonic GH2. A Thorium-oxide coating was used on the Aero Ektar's rear element to improve its refraction index, a fact that adds a sense of intrigue to the unique project. Click through for more details, and pictures.