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I'm seeing labels on some DPReview content that I haven't seen before. What do they mean?

If you see a video or article labeled 'Supported by ...' or 'In partnership with ...' this denotes DPReview editorial content which has been created with the support of a manufacturer or other third-party. This means that the content was commissioned by the sponsor in conversations with our marketing team, and the sponsor paid for it to be produced, but the DPReview editorial team produced and edited the content, and had final veto. This content may be published alongside manufacturer/sponsor-created creative assets (i.e., we might create a written Q&A to accompany a manufacturer-created promotional video).

If you see a video or article labeled as 'Created by...' or 'Posted by...' this denotes content which was created by a manufacturer or other third party, who has paid to place it on DPReview’s homepage. While DPReview’s editorial team may not be involved in creating this kind of content, we maintain final veto over what is published, and will not post any sponsored content that fails to meet our normal editorial standards.

Why are comments enabled on some sponsored posts, but not others?

A simple rule of thumb is that if comments are enabled, this means that DPReview’s editorial team created, edited and published the content, without any direct editorial involvement or veto from a manufacturer or third-party. A good example is long-form videos that are created by DPReview, but financed as part of annual investment deals made by our marketing team – conversations in which the DPReview editorial team is not involved.

If comments are disabled, this is because the content was either created by, or with the direct involvement of a manufacturer or third-party sponsor.

How can I trust any content that has been funded directly or indirectly by a sponsor?

Our criteria for publishing sponsored content are the same that we apply to everything we do: The content has to add value, and it has to meet our normal editorial standards. If we don't think that a particular article or video will inform or entertain you, we don't publish it. DPReview editors have the final veto over all sponsored content outlined here, and if it is labeled as 'Supported by ...' or 'In partnership with ...' you know that it was still created by our dedicated editorial staff.

What is the difference between sponsored content and the normal advertising I see on DPReview?

The traditional adverts that you see on DPReview are created and supplied by third-parties with no involvement by DPReview (beyond a final veto on anything which we would consider offensive or inappropriate for our site). They are displayed in fixed areas on our site, and are hosted remotely. By contrast, most (but not all) sponsored articles and videos are created by our editorial team.

In instances where content is labeled as 'Created by...' or 'Posted by...' a sponsor, DPReview's editorial team may not have been directly involved in creating the content. Even so, we still take great pains to ensure that it adds value for our readers and meets our normal editorial standards. Our aim with all sponsored articles and videos is to post valuable, entertaining content that sits comfortably alongside our normal editorial output.

Why are you doing this now?

Because both our readers and our sponsors are asking for more types of content including educational and video content on DPReview. Compared to traditional articles, videos especially are expensive and time-consuming to produce, so they require much greater investment in order for us to create them.

What next? Manufacturer-sponsored camera reviews?

No. The type of sponsored content outlined here exists separately from our in-depth camera and lens reviews and previews, which are produced entirely in-house and always will be. We will never publish content of any kind on DPReview – either in the form of written articles or videos – which would compromise our editorial integrity.

Can a sponsor pay more for more positive coverage?

Absolutely not. We cannot overstate this: We will not publish anything which compromises our editorial integrity. To ensure this, DPReview's editors maintain final veto over all types of content we publish. We do not and will not ever accept financial or other incentives to say something about a product or manufacturer that we believe to be untrue or misleading.