Paragliding at Combe Gibbet on the downs near Hungerford in West Berkshire. Taken from a paraglider. Photo and caption by Bruce Clarke

2016: it was a year, and we all took pictures. We can agree that these things are true. So help us bid a fond farewell to 2016 by celebrating your very best shots of the year! We've created three broad categories: People, Places and Things. They're a little ambiguous, but that means they're also open to some interpretation. 

You can submit one photo in each category in our forums, and next week we'll pick our favorites to include in some year-end articles*. Read all of the details and submit your photos by heading to the forum links below:

* Just to be very clear - we're creating these threads in an attempt to showcase some of our readers' best work, and get it in front of other DPR readers. We're not going to take your copyright, sell your image/s, send a drone to buzz over your house, key your car, or fiddle with your thermostat. We'd love it if you shared your favorite image/s of 2016 with us, but we're not trying to trick you into anything, and you're under no obligation to do so.