We're very pleased to announce that Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake of The Camera Store TV are coming to DPReview! Over the past eight years, Chris and Jordan have grown The Camera Store TV into one of the best general interest photography channels on YouTube, with a mixture of entertaining and educational content that covers everything from the latest cameras to how not to carry your camera bag.

We've admired what Chris and Jordan do for a long time, and we've been trying to find ways of working with them for almost as long. So we're very pleased to announce that as of April 28th, they're leaving their old gig behind and coming to work for us. Why would they want to do that? In Chris's words:

"DPReview is synonymous with editorial integrity, and technical accuracy of the highest degree. Jordan and I are excited to combine our expertise and on-screen personalities with the in-depth knowledge and integrity that DPReview is known for".

They're not moving to Seattle (that was a little too much to ask) but as of today Chris and Jordan will be creating new videos under the DPReview brand, and we'll be uploading them to our own YouTube channel on a weekly basis. As well as the entertaining features that Camera Store TV has always been known for, Chris and Jordan will be working with us to create videos that complement our own long-form product reviews.

We hope you're as excited as we are to welcome to Chris and Jordan to DPReview.

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