With a newly designed 20MP full-frame sensor, an advanced autofocus system with 153 phase-detect points, a robust build with full weather sealing and 12 action-freezing frames per second, the Nikon D5 has been getting plenty of attention around the DPReview office over the past couple of weeks. It's a purpose-built machine: we don't think there's a camera in the world that can keep erratically moving subjects in focus during fast bursts like the D5 can. But it's good at a lot else as well.

We've toted it to tennis matches, a rugby match, up and over the Cascade mountains, along the Puget Sound waterfront and even a styled wedding shoot. After all, though the D5's specs may indicate it's geared toward the discerning sports shooter, that doesn't mean Nikon's new flagship wouldn't make a great (though hefty) all-rounder for photographers shooting all day, every day.