Sony's announced the ninth addition to the G Master lens series in the FE 135mm F1.8 GM. This fast telephoto is well versed for a variety of disciplines, from portraiture to low light sports photography. Prior to launch, we had the chance to take it for a spin at both a Sony shooting event, as well as on our own. Our initial takeaway is the lens is very sharp with high contrast even wide-open, fast-to-focus and capable of pleasing bokeh. Longitudinal chromatic aberration, which shows up purple and green fringing in front of and behind the focus plane, respectively, is largely absent.

That's some serious optical performance combined with autofocus speeds we've never seen from such a fast telephoto prime, which is what allowed us to shoot fast action with a high focus hit-rate. That's in thanks to not just the four new 'XD' (extreme dynamic) linear induction motors driving two separate focus groups, but also the new 'Real-time tracking' mode on the new a9 with the new 5.0 firmware. Have a look!

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