Sony's much-anticipated a7 III full-frame mirrorless camera is built around a 24MP BSI sensor, and includes many of the features and improvements found in the company's a7R III and a9. We had a chance to shoot with the a7 III at Sony's launch event last night in Las Vegas, and can share our initial impressions.

The samples in this gallery are preliminary JPEG images, though it's worth noting that Sony's JPEG engine is well-evolved. Raw support is not yet available, but we plan to add Raw images to the gallery as soon as that changes.

In a couple of the photos you may notice striping, a problem we've found common to all cameras with masked phase detect AF pixels when shot a certain way: with very fast lenses wide open pointed directly at bright light sources to purposefully induce flare (e.g. here and here). In continued shooting today in the same venue and lighting, we noticed no issues shooting more modest apertures and zoom lenses.

We'll share more impressions of the camera as we continue to shoot with it this week, but for now, click through to see our first samples.

See our Sony a7 III sample gallery


  • We've re-uploaded those images where EXIF data was inadvertently truncated by the rating/select process. Any comments on the original images are lost, for which we apologize. All gallery images are straight out-of-camera JPEGs.

  • The story text has been updated as it previously included reference to a similar but not directly comparable flare issue in other cameras