Apple's iPhone 12 is the base model of the company's new lineup. And yet, it's packed full of high-end features, starting with a high-resolution, high contrast OLED display that allows for realistic display of HDR images. And while the base model doesn't have the telephoto cameras the Pro and Pro Max models include, it comes with an ultra-wide (0.5x) module that enables dramatic perspectives and - in combination with the main wide module - helps the camera app generate more accurate depth maps in the phone's 'Portrait Mode' than segmentation alone.

We've been out and about on the east coast - for a change - shooting fall colors, temples, real estate, alma maters and family! Take a look at the capabilities of the iPhone 12 ultra-wide (0.5x) and wide (1x) camera modules in our gallery here, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

And while you're perusing our gallery, make sure to click on 'Details' and read the captions of each image, where you'll find detailed information about the module and camera mode used, including any manual operations performed during shooting or post-processing images.

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