Sony has just announced its FE 35mm F1.8 lens for its full-frame E-mount cameras. A staple lens for any system, its combination of focal length, aperture and light weight (it's the lightest lens of its kind) make it the perfect lens to keep permanently mounted on your Alpha-series camera, and fills a previously gaping hole in Sony's FE lens lineup.

Our initial impressions are positive: it's very sharp wide open, reaches peak central sharpness by F2.8, and peak corner sharpness between F4 and F5.6. Importantly, bokeh is very smooth without any onion rings, harsh edges or texture, a performance that puts it far ahead of the more expensive FE 35mm F1.4 ZA. You'll have to put up with a fair amount of chromatic aberration (both lateral and longitudinal) in some situations, but this is to be expected for a lens this size. Vignetting continues to improve until F11, but at its worse (at F1.8) only seems to be about 1 EV at the corners, which is impressive.

Autofocus is fast enough to focus on a rapidly swinging child, as long as you shoot wide open (stop down focus slows down autofocus at smaller apertures).

Take a look at our initial sample gallery to see for yourself how it performs and as always, let us know what you think in the comments.

See our Sony FE 35mm F1.8 sample gallery