We knew Sony's FE 85mm F1.4 G Master lens was sharp. After all, we had the chance to shoot with it briefly back in February at the Sony a6300 launch event in New York City. But last week we got better acquainted with the lens, putting it through its paces in different shooting scenarios throughout Miami. And simply put, this lens is seriously sharp. And the 11-blade aperture maintains circular out-of-focus highlights even as you stop down. All of the samples in the gallery were shot using the Sony a7R II. Chromatic aberration correction was left on in-camera and is therefore applied to Raws. However, we've included Raw files for download for a selection of the images, and you can get a sense of CA if you open these Raws in a non-profile aware converter (like RawDigger).

Note: This sample gallery was shot while on a Sony-sponsored shooting event in Miami. Part of the excursion included photographing models in scenes that call back to famous Miami-based TV shows and movies including Scarface, Miami Vice and CSI Miami. No actual gangsters or cops were photographed during the making of this gallery.