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We've just updated our Sony a7 III sample gallery with more photos from Sony's press event, representing a variety of shooting situations. All photos are straight-out-of-camera JPEG files, but we have also included Raw files so you can download and test them with your favorite Raw processor as soon as support becomes available.*

We found no further examples of PDAF-related striping as we selected additional images from our other shoots - notably none of which were shot with the FE 85mm at F1.8 in flare-inducing light setups. This leads us to believe the issue is prompted (rarely) by certain combinations of cameras, lenses, and lighting conditions. We'll be continuing to investigate this relationship as soon as a production camera arrives.

See our updated Sony a7 III gallery

* Note some JPEGs in the gallery appear underexposed, shot intentionally to retain blacks and because there is little noise benefit to ISO amplification beyond the a7 III's dual gain step at ISO 640. We'll process the Raws of these images when support is available and update this gallery. The underexposure is not indicative of metering issues.