The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85 has the makings of one sweet camera. It uses a well-regarded 16MP Four Thirds sensor (with no AA filter), is 4K capable and features Panasonic's depth from defocus AF system.

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Packed inside a sleek, customizable body, the GX85 features a new shutter mechanism that appears to solve the thorny issue of shutter shock, a problem that plagued its big brother, the GX8. The GX85 also features 5-axis sensor stabilization (compared to 4-axis on the GX8) with Dual I.S.. When used with a Panasonic OIS lens, Dual I.S. combines sensor shift and lens shift stabilization.

DPReview writer Dan Bracaglia has been using the GX85 for a while, and as well as various locations around Seattle he also took it on a recent trip to New Jersey.