Sony's new FE 24-70mm F2.8 G Master is as pro-level as pro-level lenses come. Dust and moisture-sealed, it offers impressively fast AF speeds due to Direct Drive SSM, especially when paired with the Sony a7R II (which we used to shoot this gallery). Though we only spent about 24 waking hours with it, images shot throughout the focal range show the lens is sharp, even wide open. Note that chromatic aberration was turned on in-camera and is therefore applied even to the Raws. Please note, we've included Raw files for download for a selection of the images, and you can look at CA performance in a non-profile aware Raw converter (like RawDigger).

Note: This sample gallery was shot while on a Sony-sponsored shooting event in Miami. Part of the excursion included photographing models in scenes that call back to famous Miami-based TV shows and movies including Scarface, Miami Vice and CSI Miami. No actual gangsters or cops were photographed during the making of this gallery.