The SeaLife DC2000 is a waterproof, rugged compact camera with a large 1"-type sensor and a fixed 31mm-equivalent F1.8 prime lens. You'd be forgiven for not being aware of this camera's existence; it's almost exclusively marketed toward divers of all experience levels, with the retail kit including an additional case that takes its waterproof rating from 18 meters (60 feet) on its own to 60 meters (200 feet) when safely tucked inside the enclosure.

A quick search across the interwebs turns up no shortage of stunning underwater photography that's been captured with this camera, but remarkably little from its use above land as a large-ish sensor point-and-shoot that's both easy to carry around and will withstand a knock or two. So, we took it upon ourselves to create that gallery. After all, it's the only waterproof camera with a 1"-type sensor and fast, fixed prime lens currently on the market.

The SeaLife DC2000 on its own is very well-built, and could be considered pocketable. When inside its additional case, it is of course not pocketable, but going to 60 meters of depth is impressive.

We'll be writing more on the SeaLife DC2000 soon, going into its image quality in greater depth as well as what it's like to use. But for now, enjoy our selection of photos taken near the water, if not beneath it.