The Nikon 28mm F1.4E ED has come to the market more than twenty years after the rare and expensive 28mm F1.4D was released in the early '90s. It's the latest lens to join the company's F1.4 professional prime lens lineup, which now has 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 58mm, 85mm and 105mm options – it looks pretty complete to us.

The 28mm F1.4E adopts an electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism, meaning aperture control is fully electronic, as opposed to Nikon's older G and D lenses, which feature a mechanical lever on the mount for this purpose. In the real world, this should result in greater exposure accuracy when shooting at high continuous burst speeds.

The lens is very well-built, features dust and weather-sealing, and the minimum focus distance is less than a foot from the sensor or focal plane.

We've had ours around town, to the beach, a car show and a wedding to suss out what its capable of – find out for yourself.

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