Photo by Jeff Keller

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85 / GX80 takes just about everything we like about the GX8 and crams it into a body size that's a lot more in line with the older GX7. In the shrinking process, you lose the high-res tilting viewfinder, the new 20MP sensor and weather sealing. But don't think you're getting a bad deal. You gain Panasonic's Dual-IS feature while recording 4K video (and you still get incredibly effective 'dual' in-body and in-lens stabilization in stills as well), you get an updated 16MP chip that now lacks an anti-aliasing filter, and there's a new JPEG mode dubbed L. Monochrome.

Recent Videos

We've taken a pre-production GX85 with us around the Puget Sound region with a variety of lenses to see how it measures up.