Battery / Charger

Sony provide one of their excellent InfoLithium batteries, in this case the NP-F330 which lasts about 60 minutes on a "charge" (until the light on the charger goes out) or 74 minutes on a "fuller charge" (left on the charger for at least another hour).

Supplied BC-V615 charger is a universal 100-240V which is handy if you travel with your camera a lot.

Lens Cap

Also provided is a decent lens cap which is easy to clip and unclip and remains tightly attached. It has a retaining strap which attaches to the camera strap loop so you don't lose it.

Camera strap is also included.

Completely covering lens cap


As one of the key features of this camera is it's floppy disk ability there's no drivers or specialised software, in fact the only software provided with the camera is:

MGI PhotoSuite SE (Mac and PC versions)