The Sony Mavica FD-91 is at the top of Sony's Mavica range of cameras (if you ignore the DSC-D700). Looking like something from a 1970's future technology magazine it's certainly not the best looking of Sony's range, but how it takes photographs is of course more important.

This is a camera loaded with features, and for those traditional photography enthusiasts out there looking for 'full manual control', this camera gets pretty close.

Manual aperture and shutter priority rank high on the list of useful features, along with full manual focus, spot metering, manual white balance and a quite unbeliveable 14 x zoom.

One other quite unique feature of this camera is it's "steady shot" optics, straight from Sony's camcorder range this interesting piece of technology actually enables a floating lens at the far end of the lens barrel which automatically adjusts for any camera shake, thus the rather bulbous appendage on the end of the lens barrel (you can of course switch this feature off if you prefer).