Image parameters (contd.)


The Alpha 900's default sharpness setting of zero is just enough to deliver good detail but not so much as to introduce any noticeable sharpening artifacts. Obviously if you prefer your images a bit crisper straight out of the camera you could opt for the +1 or +2 setting. Although this doesn't do a lot for the inherent softness of the output when viewed this close (at 100% on-screen) and does introduce obvious sharpening halos at the +2 and (especially) the +3 settings, it's great for prints at more sensible magnifications.

Sharpness: -3
Sharpness: -2
Sharpness: -1
Sharpness: 0 (Default)
Sharpness: +1
Sharpness: +2
Sharpness: +3

Saturation adjustment

Saturation adjustment allows you to control the strength of color in the final image. As you can see the A900's default color saturation (level zero) already delivers fairly punchy colors, for a more neutral response we'd recommend dropping down to -1.

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